I step away today from the conversations after missions idea and instead have a brief scene where Kirk contemplates his future with Spock after the events of the Motion Picture.

Everything was over and back to normal.

Whatever normal was.

Kirk wasn’t sure he knew anymore.

Spock was back, but for how long?

He’d been great, the V’ger situation was handled, and Jim was back in command.

Of course Decker was gone. And Ilya. An outcome he wouldn’t have wanted. He’d know Decker’s father and the loss there. But he couldn’t change that outcome and he couldn’t change this one either.

But Spock…

They’d barely talked since it all ended. He swore he could still feel Spock’s grip when Spock had held his hands in sickbay.

Was there a future for them? Kirk once thought there was, back after the end of the mission, but Spock had walked away, gone to Vulcan, and tried to logic away Kirk’s very existence.


Speaking of…

Kirk turned from his observance of space to greet Spock.


“Do you have a moment?”

In fact, he had all the moments Spock needed, if he wanted them. Kirk smiled. “I do.”