Advent Day 20

There is a a novelty song with that title that never fails to make me laugh.

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 “Who the hell gets married at Christmas?” Jim demanded as he walked side by side with Bones.

“Your dumbass brother as you would call him.”

“Well. Can you blame me? He’s always pulling something like this.”

Bones eyed him. “Is he really pulling something? I mean maybe he just wanted to marry Aurelan.”

Jim shrugged. “But why pick that day? Sam’s always making it about him and now he’s even making Christmas about him.”

They stopped before a building and Jim looked it up and down. Two days before Christmas and his brother’s wedding to Aurelan.

Just as he was about to go in to view the place, a Vulcan was coming out.  A really cute one. Jim recognized him.

“Professor Spock.”

“Cadet Kirk.”

Knowing this was a wedding venue, Jim frowned. “Uh. Are you, uh, getting, uh, you know.”

Spock arched a brow. “I do not know.”


Jim hoped not. Not that he had a damn thing to say about it, of course, but he had the hots for Spock and Spock never gave him the time of day. He’d hate to think of Spock marrying someone. Other than him of course and now he was getting ahead of himself.

“I am not. A friend works at the venue.” Spock paused. “And you?”

“Nah. I’d never be serious enough to get married.”

Bones made a choking noise and Jim glanced at him to see his friend giving him a strange look.

Jim cleared his throat. “You know. With, uh, with anyone I’m currently seeing. Not that I’m seeing anyone at present. I’m not. I’m completely up for grabs. Well, not for grabs. But if you want to grab me—”

“Jim, perhaps we should go inside to meet your brother,” Bones interrupted Jim’s babbling.

“That’s who’s getting married. My idiot brother.”

“I see.” Spock nodded. “Good day to you then.”


And when Spock stared down at the hand that had, actually, grabbed Spock’s arm, Jim knew he should let go. Sure.

“Would you, uh, Christmas Eve. Would you want to have dinner with me? I could make you this zucchini lasagna thing.”

“You are inviting me over for dinner?”

Jim nodded, afraid to say too much for Spock didn’t immediately refuse.

“Very well.”

“You mean you’re coming?”

“I believe I said as much. Cadet.”

And as he moved away, Jim called after him, “Six O’clock.”

When Jim turned around and saw Bones was shaking his head.


“You do know Sam’s rehearsal dinner is Christmas Eve, right?”

“What? Damn. God, he’s just ruining Christmas.”

“You sound like you’re a character in a holiday special,” Bones said dryly. “You’ll figure it out.”

“Right. I think they can do that rehearsal without me.”


“I can’t help it. I just go nuts at Christmas.”

“If only it was just Christmas. Come on, we’re late.”

“Yeah, yeah.”