Advent Day 3

Vanik stood before his uncle’s boyfriend, Jim Kirk. To Vanik, Jim was his uncle as well though they had yet to make anything official. There was no way Vanik would let Spock ruin his relationship with Jim, because even Vanik was aware they were T’hy’la.

Jim wasn’t paying any attention to Vanik at that moment. He was sitting behind his desk working on his terminal. Vanik supposed it was for the Academy, but he didn’t really care.

He had much more important things to discuss than Jim’s academic work, which Vanik knew Jim would ace anyway.

“Tomorrow night is the first night of Hanukkah.”


Vanik clutched his hands together behind his back and tried not to deflate at Jim’s lack of interest. After all, Jim had allowed him entry into the apartment and even supplied Vanik with his favorite drink of the moment, tomato juice.

“As you know, my mother is Jewish.”


“And Spock’s mother is Jewish.”


“As you are likely aware, you and Uncle Spock are joining us tomorrow for the start of the Festival of Lights.”

“I do,” Jim acknowledged, though he still failed to give Vanik his full attention.

“Anoria has a big feast planned.”

This earned him a little furrowed line between Jim’s significant brows. “Your mother.”

“Yes,” Vanik agreed. “She will be serving both Vulcan and Human dishes appropriate for all in attendance.” He paused. “She even plans to serve a brisket.”

Jim nodded.

“And Sufganiyots.”

Vanik was looking forward to that most of all as he loved jelly donuts.

“I know.”

Vanik sighed. “What did you get Uncle Spock?”

Finally, startled blue eyes landed on Vanik.


“For the first night. You did get him a small token of your affection, didn’t you?”

Jim squirmed. “Well. I mean, Spock’s mom is Jewish, but he doesn’t really…he doesn’t practice or anything. So I figured.” He shrugged.

“You would have Uncle Spock be the only one there who didn’t receive a Hanukkah gift?”


“I do exaggerate a bit,” Vanik agreed. “Mother and Father acquired small gifts for all of us, Uncle Spock and you included. It would be…troublesome that Spock did not receive a token gift from his significant other. At least on the very first night.”

Jim pushed his chair away from the desk and stood. “I didn’t think about that. It didn’t occur to me.”

Vanik had figured. Jim was truly a fantastic Human and greatly admired by many, Vanik himself definitely included, but there was no getting past that he was often quite…clueless.

“Fortunately, it did to me,” Vanik replied. “The tea shop on the corner is still open. I suggest you accompany me there to select a gift.”

Jim nodded. “Let me get my coat.”

Vanik smiled his satisfaction. In a Vulcan way of course.

As Jim shrugged it on, Vanik continued, “Perhaps it would be prudent to acquire small token gifts for the others in attendance as well.”

“You mean your mom, dad and you?” Jim laughed. “Yeah, okay.”

Vanik nearly clapped his hands. “I will assist you of course.”

“Of course.” Jim ruffled Vanik’s hair. He did not like it when anyone else did so, but for some reason Vanik didn’t mind it with Jim.

As they departed the apartment, Vanik suggested, “While we are out, we should get a pizza for dinner.”

Jim laughed again. “You’re staying for dinner, are you?”

“Since you insist, yes.”

“Okay, kid, okay. Come on, onward.”