Advent Day 1

“You’re really going to the snowy mountains.”

Bones said it with such distaste Jim could only laugh. His tone suggested that anyone who chose snow over the sunny warm weather of the tropics was out of their mind.

And maybe Jim was.

“I really am.” He patted Bones’ arm. “You and Carol are going to have a great time in Fiji.”

“Don’t I know it? You, however…”

It was sorta strange to think of Bones with Carol. After Khan’s murder of her father, Carol spent a brief time on the Enterprise, during which she and Jim had sort of done a bit of flirting. Okay, a lot of flirting. And maybe more.

Then Carol had announced she was leaving and returning to San Francisco to pursue a position at HQ and that was that. At least for Jim and Carol.

But then after the end of their last five-year mission, Bones had met Carol in San Francisco and they’d connected and started up an affair that had, ultimately, turned into a relationship.

Jim remembered when Bones had come to him and asked him how he felt about them being together. Jim had wished them well. He had no left over feelings for Carol. His affections definitely lay elsewhere, no matter how unlikely those affections would ever be returned.

But now, in the middle of the second five-year mission, they had a bit of an extended leave thanks to significant damage the ship had experienced and as luck would have it, the leave was in December. And on Earth.

Jim planned a quiet few weeks at a mountain retreat. It had belonged to Christopher Pike and his wife, Una, at one time, but it was just Una’s now and she had agreed Jim could use it.

He was going to have all the food in the world he wanted, get a small tree and decorate it, and just have a nice safe white Christmas, free of drama and memories of his childhood. He greatly looked forward to it, even if Bones thought he was nuts.

“Bones, it’s going to be fine. I have everything planned. Spock’s going to drop me off on his way to see his Human relatives in Canada, then he’ll pick me up in a few weeks when the ship is finished.”

“I don’t like the idea of you being up there by yourself for weeks. What if something happens?”

Jim frowned. “Like what?”

“You could fall and break your hip.”

“How the hell old do you think I am?”

Bones snorted. “You know what I mean.”

“Actually, no. I’m fine, it’ll be fine. You’ll see me again in no time. Have a great time with Carol. Happy Holidays.”

Bones reluctantly accepted Jim’s goodbye hug and they went their separate ways.


The snow was falling rather heavily as Jim opened the door to the cabin that would be his home for the next few weeks. It was freezing cold, and snowflakes clung to his coat and hair. He should have worn a knit hat.  

Like Spock.

“You don’t have to carry all those groceries, Spock.”

“You have the pine tree.”

Jim carried the tree further into the cabin as he called for the lights to come on. It was quite a charming little place with a fireplace in the living room, a kitchen and a couple of bedrooms.

Spock headed into the kitchen with Jim’s purchases as Jim set up the tree in the living room next to the couch.

His next task would be to turn on the heat.

Jim stepped into the kitchen where Spock was putting away the purchases.

“I could do that,” he protested. “Wow, it’s really coming down.”

“You did choose this area hoping for such weather.”

“True.” Jim laughed. He leaned against the counter as Spock finished up. “So?”

Spock gave him a look. “Yes, I stuck to the story that I was visiting relatives in Canada. I do not know why.”

“Because I want this whole time to be just about us without nosey questions and innuendos and jokes.”

Spock pulled him close. “I am quite happy to let everyone know that we are together, Jim. It is you who wish to retain secrecy.”

“Mm. Have you told Uhura?”

“Not yet but she will be displeased that I kept the information from her.”

Jim smiled. “We’ll tell them all soon enough. In the meantime, we have this place all to ourselves. I’ve been so looking forward to this.”

Spock kissed him. “I cannot deny that I too anticipated it. And there was some element of excitement in that no one knew we would be spending the time together but us.”

“See?” Jim grinned. “Now, I’m going to get the heat on and take our luggage into the bedroom, and you can make us tea.”

This might be his best holiday season ever, Jim thought. Just the two of them. Snow. Merriment. And Love.

Lots of love.