Got a request to post some more pictures so here you go! Hope you enjoy a look into the lives of me and M and our family!

Our house as decorated for fall (please excuse any mess LOL)
Front of our house ready for Christmas!

And now some from my sister’s as J asked. Yes we did decorate her house. For two fricking days!

Sister’s Tree – Pretty right but not as cool as mine, you will notice several gingerbread as that is what she is into!
Front yard of sister…yes I bought her that elf ha ha. The Santa waves (sometimes), they look better at night of course
Looking into sister’s house, I bought her some of those garden stakes you see there including the elf and the gingerbreads.

There you have it!

By the way, we put up Mom’s stocking and put a black band around it in memory.

As the holidays approach you might get more if you are interested