“You’re showing your jealousy.”

Jim laughed. “Jealous? What have I got to be jealous about?”

His best friend, Bones, rolled his eyes. They were seated in the Academy cafeteria, enjoying a late afternoon lunch.

Well, enjoying might be a slight exaggeration. The food was only marginally better than the food in Jim’s middle school cafeteria.

Bones fingered his chin. “Oh, I don’t know. Your ex is over there cozying up to your nemesis.”

“Uhura is not my nemesis.”

“Sure, sure. But she’s still practically sitting in the lap of Professor Spock.”

“Hey, whatever. Spock dumped me. He’s no longer my concern.”

“Okay, yeah. Maybe.”

Jim eyed him over his bad cup of coffee. “What does that mean?”

“Well.” Bones shrugged. “I know you two had a fight. I know you’ve been staying at the dorm ever since with me.”


“Are you, well, was that really an official breakup? Did the hobgoblin actually say the words ‘Jim, it’s over’ or you know ‘I hereby dump you’?”

“No one says that.”

“Some version of that then.”

“Doesn’t he look like he broke up with me?” Jim asked. “He hasn’t looked this way once and he seems pretty focused on her.”

“To make you jealous, maybe.”

Jim laughed. “Well, it’s totally not working.”

“Of course not. But I still say having a fight doesn’t mean he intends for it to be done done.”

“Has he attempted to contact me or come crawling back? Nope. He has not. In fact, he’s dating. So, fuck him. Or don’t fuck him as the case might be.”

“You could be the mature one.”

“Ha. Not likely. I’ll go down with the ship before that ever happens.” Jim didn’t care that made no sense. Whatever. “I have a date myself tonight.”

“With who?”


Bones sighed. “Bad idea.”

“I don’t remember asking you.”

“And right there is where you get yourself in trouble. You should have. The moment you screw Gaila, you can forget you and Spock reconciling.”

“For the last time, Bones, WHO. CARES?”

Bones shook his head. “You’re funeral.”


“Jimmy, I’m having a crappy time and you look sad.”

Jim eyed her over his grasshopper. All right so he liked green. Orions, Vulcans. Whatever. Drinks counted too. Even way too sweet ones.


Gaila sighed. “You could contact him and say you’re sorry.”

“I’m not,” Jim insisted. “He was being a jerk.”

“Maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t. Does it matter who was wrong and who was right? You’re completely miserable.”

“He has a girlfriend.” He took another sip, grimaced, and then another.

“Uhura? Nah. Nyota’s not his girlfriend.”

“She wants to be.”

“Doesn’t make it so. There’s lots of girls who want to be your girlfriend, but you want Spock.”

“I do not.” He scowled.

“Jimmy, I…I’m going to go,” she said suddenly, rising from the seat across from him in the booth at the bar.

“What? Why?”

“Because someone else wants this seat.”

“What? Who?”

She shook her head, leaned down, and kissed his forehead. “Be good, Jimmy.”

She walked away and then a shadow fell across the table. Jim looked up and saw Spock looming over him. His gaze was on the green concoction in front of Jim.

“Sweet cocktails make you sick.”

“So what?”

Spock sighed and took the sear Gaila most recently occupied.

“What do you want?” Jim asked sullenly.

“To take you home. To our apartment.”

“I don’t live there. You kicked me out.”

“I did no such thing.”

“Well.” Jim shrugged. “Why do you want me to go home with you?”

“Because I love you and you are mine,” Spock said simply.

Jim blinked. He pushed away the sickening drink. “Yeah?”

Spock shook his had and sighed. “You are most illogical. There are times I would like to choke you and I am quite certain you feel that way about me.”

Jim smiled a little. “Yeah.”

“But there is no one else I would rather be with for the rest of my life.”

“Not even Uhura?”

“Not even her. There is no need to be jealous of my friendship with Nyota, Jim. She is only a friend and that is all she will ever be. I have tried to tell you that before. You are the one I want. Only.”

Jim bit his lip, then nodded. “Okay. I’ll go home with you.” His stomach churned. “But I did drink way too many of those things.”

“Indeed.” Spock nodded and stood, helping Jim from the booth. “Come, I will take care of you while you are sick.”

Jim walked out with Spock, Spock’s arm around him, and he felt…not great. But better.