And the conclusion from Spock

Spock was both surprised and anxious to see Jim sitting on the floor in front of Spock’s apartment. He had his legs bent at the knee and his arms wrapped around them. His eyes had been closed but they opened at Spock’s approach.

“Spock, hi.”

Spock surveyed Jim for any signs of new injuries or stress, but saw none, so when Jim held up his hand for Spock to assist him up, he offered it and pulled the cadet to his feet.

“Jim, I am surprised to see you. I anticipated you would still be experiencing your evening with the Caitian sisters.”

Jim visibly swallowed. “Yeah, well. That didn’t happen.”

Spock opened the door to his apartment and Jim followed him inside.

“They changed their plans?”

“I changed our plans. Canceled.”

Spock hung up his coat. “You decided not to engage in coitus with them?”

Jim laughed at that, though it was oddly without much mirth. “Something like that. Spock, I want to talk to you.”

He inclined his head. “Very well. Shall I make us tea?”

“Okay, sure.” Jim followed Spock to the kitchen, though he remained on the edge while Spock filled a kettle with water. “How was the movie with, uh, whatshisname.”

“Finnegan,” Spock replied, helpfully.

Jim snorted. “Yeah I know his name, Spock.”

“As it happens, I saw the movie alone.”

“You did? How come?”

Spock paused as he put the loose tea in the teapot. Finally he made a decision. “I chose to cancel my plans with Mister Finnegan as well.”

Jim stared. “Mister Finnegan? Not Sean?”

Spock’s lips quirked. “Not Sean.” He turned to face Jim. “To be entirely truthful, I never had much anticipation to see the movie with him.”


“Or anything with him. He is a rather unpleasant individual.”

Jim blinked rapidly. “Then…why?”

“The answer is not one I am particularly proud of.”

“I’m still listening.”

Spock nodded. “Allow me to finish this and then we can talk.”

Jim made an impatient sound, but agreed. This evening was beginning to be much more anxiety-inducing than Spock had originally planned. But Spock supposed he should have realized anything to do with Jim was not ordinary.

After Spock moved the pot of tea to his small dining room table, they both took their seats, and Spock poured the steeped tea into cups.

“I am likewise curious as to the cancelation of your plans. You seemed to be anticipating the engagement.”

“Yeah. Well. They were…I was never serious about them. Her. They were meant to be a distraction,” Jim admitted. He wrapped his hands around the teacup,

“A distraction?”

“Mm. Only it turned out they weren’t distracting me.”

Spock sipped his tea carefully. “What were they meant to distract you from?”

Jim smiled. “I could say you first, but I won’t. They were meant to distract me from you, Spock. Ever since we became part of the same friend group, well, I’ve been attracted to you. And the more I’ve gotten to know you, the more it’s gone beyond attraction. Sadly, though, you don’t give me the time of day, so…”

“The time of day.”

“Kind of a saying meaning you don’t even notice me.” Jim sighed. “Part of the reason I punched Finnegan’s lights out was because I was jealous that you seemed interested in him, yet there was nothing from you for me but friendship. So, that’s where I am. And pretty pathetic. But I thought if it’s Finnegan you want—”

“It is not.” Spock paused. He put his cup down. His heart rate had increased by a lot. He leaned forward. “It has never been.”

“Then why—”

“I did tell you I was not proud of the reason.”:

“Yes but—”

“My intention of my alleged pursuit of Finnegan was to make you jealous,” Spock admitted. “Therefore, my actions contributed to your punching his lights out.”

Jim burst out laughing. “Well, yes, but no. They were my actions, Spock.”

“I am no more interested in Cadet Finnegan than I am in a pesky fly. It is you I am interested in, Jim, and have always been, since the beginnings of our friendship. I withdrew from the plans with Finnegan because they did not seem to have the desired effect.”

“Oh, they did.” Jim leaned forward and kissed Spock. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you with him.”

“A most disturbing thought,” Spock murmured against Jim’s mouth.

“You said it, Professor. God, to think all this time that you…”

“And you…”

“Yeah.” Jim pulled Spock out of his chair. “I definitely need to study/”


“Uh-huh. Vulcan anatomy.”

Spock smiled a little. “Very well, Cadet. There will be a test later.”

Jim laughed. “I’m counting on it.”


Spock waited anxiously at the booth in their usual restaurant. He waited for Jim, who was supposed to meet him after his retake of the landing party simulation test with Professor Lucas.

He had no doubt that Jim was more than capable of handling himself and any potential crew members, holograms or not, but Finnegan was an unknown and clearly pushed Jim’s buttons.

Spock found it hard to concentrate on the menu, which he knew by heart anyway, when finally Jim appeared at the entrance, smiled in Christine Chapel’s direction, and then headed for Spock’s location.

As Jim slid in across from him, Spock held out his two fingers, which Jim met with an even wider smile.

“I love that by the way. I don’t know why.”

“I am gratified you do. Well?”

“Passed with flying colors. Made sure every single crew member was safe, Finnegan included, and managed to disable the alien attackers without decimating their species.” Jim grinned and picked up his menu. “Top of the class.”

“I never had any doubt you would be,” Spock replied. “And Mister Finnegan?”

“He managed to pass, barely, thanks in part to the actions of his first office who saved the day.”

Spock arched his brow. “You?”

“Who else? Anyway, that’s the end of that class and good riddance to him.”

“Indeed. I am illogically proud of you.”

“Me too. And I’m starving too.”

Spock picked up his menu, chose vegetable soup, and let himself relax. It was a good day and dare he think it…he was happy.

And that’s a wrap on September. October flashes begin Friday.

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