Jim opened his door to a serious looking Spock.

Well, all right, he always looked serious. But this was more serious than usual. Er, Jim supposed.


“May I come in?”

It was on the tip of his tongue to say ‘go take a flying leap’ but of course what he actually did was stand back to let Spock inside.

He wore his all black professor’s uniform and it should not look as hot as it did. As he did. Obviously.

Jim had just take a shower and when the doorbell rang, he’d only bothered to pull on a pair of shorts he’d had since he was just out of high school. They weren’t in the best shape. He’d slung a towel around his neck and his hair still dripped down on to it.

“I have come to…” Spock stopped, seeming at a loss for words.

Jim didn’t bother to prompt him.

“I am aware that I am arrogant, coldly unfeeling, and-and bitchy as you said.”

Spock had struggled with that last part. Jim nearly smiled, but this was no laughing matter, after all.

“But…if there is anyone in this universe that I am not coldly unfeeling toward it is you.” Spock paused. “I am not certain I can control the arrogant part. It is difficult to change what I have always been.”

Jim did allow the tiniest bit of the corners of him mouth to upturn. “Admittedly you have reason to be arrogant.”

“Yes.” Spock looked startled. “I mean, no. I do not. As for b-bitchy, well—”

“Spock, I think, somewhere in there is an apology. Right?”

Spock straightened. “Yes, exactly.”

“And I’m guessing this is your way of saying you don’t want things to end between us.”

“Definitely not.” Spock took a step forward. “I feel a level affection for you unmatched to anyone else.”

Jim did smile then. “That’s about as close to a declaration of love as I’m going to get from you, I’m guessing.”


Jim laughed and pulled Spock close. “You’ve convinced me. I accept your unique apology.”

Spock leaned into his arms. “I am…gratified.”