“What’s that?”

Jim smiled into the camera and clicked the button. “My new communication device.”

Bones snorted. “Okay, I can kinda see that. What’s wrong with your old one?”

“You know I keep dropping it.”


“I, uh, I dropped it in the toilet. Turns out it’s not waterproof,” Jim said sheepishly.

Bones gave him a look. “Ya think? But I gotta ask. What the hell are you doing?”

“Taking a selfie to send to the cute guy I want to date of course.”

“Of course. Is it working?”

Jim flashed him a smile. “Ask him yourself.”

“Ask who–“

“Good afternoon Doctor.”

Bones turned around. “Professor Spock. Should have known. “I’m surprised you didn’t send him selfies of your–“

“Bones!” Jim laughed. Grinned at Spock. “Besides, Spock already knows what that looks like.”

“I have a class. You two just…leave me alone.” Bones shook his head and hurried away.

Jim linked his arm with Spock’s. “Shall we?”


Just a fun little silly extra as my iPhone 12 mini arrived today. No more bulging phone! Yipee!