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Jamie had requested a flash for the guys from Roommates. This is theirs.

As Spock approached the door of the apartment he shared with Jim Kirk, he was quite certain he heard Jingle Bells. The song rather than actual bells. And since Spock knew it was July, he was quite puzzled. The Terran holiday of Christmas was not for months. And even if one considered that Jingle Bells was a secular song that only mentioned snow and sleighs, it still seemed an odd choice given the summer heat.

With a shake of his head, Spock opened the door and stepped inside. The air conditioning was on frigid blast, he quickly noted, glancing at the ceiling to ensure icicles were not indeed forming. He saw no immediate sign of his boyfriend.

“Computer, raise temperature twenty degrees.”


Instantly the air of the apartment felt much more appropriate, though still cool enough to satisfy Jim.

“Jim? Jim, are you here?”

Jingle Bells had ended but was now replaced with It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.  

Spock sniffed. If he was not mistaken, Jim was baking sugar cookies. And he had decorated the apartment with garland, elves, and Santa Clauses. He was completely perplexed.


Jim came out of the bedroom then, wearing an apron with a reindeer applique.

“Oh.” Jim’s face brightened. “I didn’t think you were coming home for a few more hours.”

“I finished early. Jim, are you…?”

Jim whirled around, arms outstretched. “Yep. You caught me.”

“Caught you?”

“I’m having an affair.”


Jim laughed. “With Christmas.”

Spock frowned. “I do not understand.”

“Right, which is why I didn’t tell you about it. I figured I’d have it mostly cleaned up before you got home.” Jim sighed and threw his arms around Spock. “It’s Christmas in July.”

“That is a thing?” Spock accepted Jim’s sweet kiss. He loved kissing Jim.

“Yep. Well sorta. Some camp came up with it many many years ago. Anyway, see, when I was a kid, my Gran and I used to spend a day in July celebrating it. Only the two of us. My brother thought I was nuts and Frank…we won’t talk about him. Mom usually wasn’t there. So it was Gran and me. We’d make cookies and decorate and listen to songs, just for that day.” Jim smiled wistfully. “I miss her.”

Spock closed his arms around Jim, holding him close. “There was no need to hide this part of yourself, Jim. You may celebrate Christmas in July every day in July if that is what it takes to make you happy.”

Jim smiled and kissed him again. “That’s why you’re absolutely perfect.”

“I do not know that I am perfect.”

His boyfriend laughed. “For me, anyway. Want to help me decorate cookies?”

“If you wish.”

“I do. And by the way, if I don’t say it enough, I love you.”

Spock initiated the kiss this time. “And I love you as well. Let’s decorate cookies.”

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