So for flashes this month, I’m going to do something a little different. The flashes for March will all be no more than 100 words. So, I will tell a little snippet of a tale in those 100 words or less. Here is today’s! (I used Archer’s quarters, simply because I liked his better than the teeny one in TOS…we never really see Jim’s in the AOS movies, except his closet and sink in Beyond).

Jim woke to gentle rubbing on his back and for a moment he just let the rubbing continue, eyes still closed.

“Jim, you are due on the bridge in thirty minutes.”

He groaned. “Just a few more.”

“You will be late,” came the murmur.

For a few second, Jim mulishly thought, ‘So what. I’m the captain. What will they do?’

He sighed then, opened his eyes, and turned to lie on his back to stare up at the ceiling. His heart rate picked up as he thought of all the ramifications.

“So, now we’re a thing?”

“Yes,” Spock replied.