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March 31, 2021 Flash Fic

This is the last of the 100 word flashes folks. I hope you enjoyed them. I don’t know what April brings yet. We will see.

Spock woke suddenly from a very bad dream. He did not normally have nightmares. But they were not outside the realm of possibility.


The name he had cried hoarsely in the dream was still settling in his raw throat.

Spock rose from his bed and went through the bathroom he shared with his captain. He quietly stepped into Jim’s quarters and padded barefoot to the side of the bed.

Jim was turned on his side, fast asleep.

Spock could breathe again. He touched his index finger gently to Jim’s cheek.


And soon Spock would tell him.

March 30, 2021 Flash Fic

“I have the great Kirk where I want him.” The Gorn put a scaly hand on Jim’s battered, swollen face. His other hand jabbed Jim in his injured stomach. “I’m going to split you open and cook your meat over an open fire. We will dine on your flesh tonight.”

“And here I thought you were vegetarians.”

The Gorn hissed. “Your insolent bravery will soon be replaced with cries for mercy.”

The whir of the transporter had Jim grinning, bloody teeth and all.

“Or not.”

He reappeared on the Enterprise and collapsed to the ground.

“What took you so long?”

March 29, 2021 Flash Fic

“I can’t stand that guy.”

Jim glanced over to the table in the cafeteria where Gary pointed. “Which one?”

“The Vulcan. Professor Spock. Bastard threw me out of his class.”

Just then Spock rose from his seat where he lunched with several other professors and headed toward them.

“What the fuck? He’s coming here,” Gary complained.

Jim barely stopped from smiling when Spock did, indeed, stop at their table.

He held two fingers out toward Jim, who met them immediately.

“I will see you tonight, Jim.”

When Spock left, Gary sputtered.

“You just Vulcan kissed him!”

“Yep. He’s my boyfriend.”

March 26, 2021 Flash Fic

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“Damn it’s c-cold. Reminds me of the time you stranded me on Delta Vega. In violation of—”

“I do apologize.” Spock paused. “Again.”

Jim gave him a mulish look. “Now see that’s when your apology seems insincere. You adding that again.”

“Captain, I suggest rather than bickering about past matters that cannot be undone, we huddle together for body heat until the Enterprise can rescue us.”

Jim bit his lip. “We can huddle in that old dilapidated building.”

Jim took a step forward and the icy ground beneath him began to crack.

Spock reached for him. “Jim!”

March 25, 2021 Flash Fic

Jim mother’s face appeared on the terminal screen in front of him.

“Uh-oh. What’s wrong?”

Jim laughed. “Nothing.”

“My baby calls me out of the blue and nothing is wrong? Sure. Where have you been hurt?”

“Nowhere. Listen, I…I started a relationship. A serious one. And I wanted you to—”

“Oh.” Her eyes widened. “Where is she? Let me meet her.”  

Jim turned and reached out his hand toward Spock. “He is right here.”

Spock allowed himself to be tugged into view. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

She grinned and leaned forward. “The pleasure is all mine.”

March 24, 2021 Flash Fic

“Jim, how many times have I told you—”

“A million. But it’s Spock, not me.”

Spock would have fallen to the deck of the transporter room if Jim did not have his arm around him to hold him up. He felt as weak as a newborn infant and he knew he was losing blood. Could see the green smears of that blood on Jim’s uniform shirt.”

“Damn it! Get a gurney here stat!”

Spock felt others grab him and lift him onto the medical equipment as Jim’s face swam before him.

“You’ll be okay, Spock. I love you.”  

March 23, 2021 Flash Fic

“Spock and I had sex.”

Leonard stared at his best friend across the table in the mess room. He had just taken a bite of food, which he didn’t thank Jim for one bit. He swallowed painfully.


Jim lowered his voice, thankfully. “Yesterday morning. Um. Yesterday afternoon. Last night. This morning. This afternoon. And, well, about an hour ago.”

Leonard lifted his iced tea to his mouth and took a slow sip. He lowered it to the table very slowly.

“How is it you can walk?”

“I’m a little sore…yeah. Shh. Here he comes. Don’t say anything.”

“I won’t.”

March 22, 2021 Flash Fic

“Listen.” Jim moistened his lips as they got ready to leave his quarters. “Don’t, uh, don’t tell anyone about what I…you know…how I like it.”

Spock stared at him as if he’d grown two heads. “Why would I discuss either of our personal preferences with anyone?”

When put like that, Jim supposed he was being ridiculous. He had a feeling he was flushed cause his neck and face felt very warm.

“Bridge or you want to get breakfast?”

This was their first time. The newness of it all was about to do him in.

“The bridge.”

“Me too. Let’s go.”

March 19, 2021 Flash Fic (Happy Birthday Kris)

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Spock got a glass of water and brought it over to the bed. He set it on the table next to it. He sat on the edge of the bed and reached over to wipe the sweaty hair off Jim’s forehead.


Jim smiled faintly, weakly.

“I have called for the doctor.”

“I’ll be okay, Spock. Just the flu.”

“Nevertheless, he will check you.”

“’Kay. Sorry about your birthday. Not much of a celebration.”

“That never mattered to me,” Spock assured him. “I only want you better.”

“Still. I love you.”

“I love you, my Jim. Rest now.”

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