Chapter Seven: Moving Forward

Jim’s second day went much easier than the first. But it was even busier. Apparently word of mouth was already spreading through the locals and Gad-Shen was swamped with people wanting to try the new restaurant.

Jim barely had a chance to breathe, but he was pleased he didn’t drop anything, and even managed to get customers their food, hot and everything.

He didn’t speak much with Gaila or Uhura as they’d all been too busy, but he did catch Uhura giving him dirty looks, so he guessed she had discovered Spock’s interest in him.

Well, Jim wouldn’t apologize because Spock made his own choices, and Jim liked him too, so whatever.

As the day wore on, Jim had an idea about having dinner with Spock. He hadn’t yet asked Maggie or anyone else about watching Lily, and if Spock didn’t go for his current idea, he certainly would.

But he couldn’t bring it up until after shift, and just as the day was nearing closing time, Gaila took him aside.

“Hey, Jim, we were going to go have a quick drink after work. Uhura and me. Want to join us?”

“Normally I’d probably say yes but…” Jim looked in Spock’s direction. Currently he was at a table of diners speaking with them. They appeared to be packing up to go boxes.

Gaila followed his gaze. She raised her eyebrows. “Oh? You work fast, my friend.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “I’m not working. Not at that anyway. I’d go next time. Just not today. Someone watches my daughter, so I really need some advance notice. I can’t keep expecting Maggie to take care of Lily like it’s not my responsibility.”

“Okay, okay. Don’t bust a fuse, man.” Gaila laughed. “Next time for sure. I’ll tell you in advance. Maybe Mister Wonderful will come too.”

Jim’s only answer was to stick out his tongue. Mature, sure. But he smiled and moved on.

It was another thirty minutes before everyone else had left and he had Spock to himself to ask.


Brilliant start, Kirk.

“Yes, Jim?”

He blew out a slow breath. “I was…about dinner. I know this might be, um, something you don’t want to do or whatever, but I was thinking you could, maybe, come over tonight to my house and I could make you dinner. You could meet Lily. And then I wouldn’t have to find someone to watch her. I know it’s crazy. Right? Way too soon or something. You know what? Never mind, I’ll just…”


He turned back around and looked at Spock, who seemed rather amused by his rambling invitation and then take back.

“I would like to come.”

It took a moment for Jim to realize Spock was accepting and not laughing in his face. Not that Vulcans laughed. Much.

“Yeah?” It came out kind of squeaky. He cleared his throat. “That would be great. I’ll just give you the, uh, the address. You can come, I don’t know, around six?”

“Yes, I will be there. I look forward to it.”

“I’m not a fancy cook or anything.”

Spock nodded. “I am not a fancy eater. I am vegetarian, however. Not vegan, but I will not eat meat.”

“Oh I know. Sure. Okay. Great. See you then.”

After giving Spock the address,  Jim escaped before Spock could change his mind.