Chapter Eight: Spock Arrives for Dinner

Spock pulled his hover car up in front of the address Jim had given him. The dwelling was a modest ranch-style farmhouse. There was quite a bit of land attached to it, but as far as Spock could see Jim didn’t utilize it.

He turned off the car in front of the home and got out. There was a chill in the air and Spock could see his own breath. There were definitely elements of Vulcan he quite missed.

Spock approached the front door which had two small steps leading up to it. To the right of it was a light up deer. The kind of ubiquitous deer seen just about anywhere rather than an actual caribou, the true reindeer. On the left was a lit Santa Claus who slowly raised his hand as though he was waving at passersby. On the front door was a wreath decorated with silver and gold bells and holly.

He rapped on the door.

Thirty two point three seconds later, Jim opened the door to greet him. He looked as though he had possibly showered. He wore one of those Christmas sweaters everyone referred to as ugly, this one decorated with a melting snowman. The blue background of the sweater brought out the intensity of Jim’s blue eyes and for a moment Spock was nonplussed.

He absolutely knew he found Jim very attractive, and after what he’d told Spock the day before regarding his daughter and the woman who gave birth to her, of extremely admirable character.

But that warm, welcoming smile was something else.

“Good evening, Jim.”

“Hi, Spock.  Come in before you freeze out there.”

Spock did and was quite pleased he had, for the home exuded warmth and wrapped Spock up in it. It was brightly lit. The heat was on. Holiday music played in the background. And in the living room was a decorated cheerful Christmas tree. Looked like something out of a holiday movie.

Spock could even smell gingerbread baking.

Standing in the kitchen was the most adorable human child Spock had seen. She had long blonde ringlets and her father’s blue eyes. Her cheeks were chubby and faintly dusted pink. She wore red and green striped feety pajamas with a teddy bear on the top.

Jim followed Spock’s gaze and grinned. “There’s my angel. Let me introduce you.”

Jim put his hand on Spock’s arm and moved him forward. Spock could feel the heat of Jim’s hand through his shirt.

“Lily this is Daddy’s friend, Spock. Spock this is my girl, Lily.”

“Hello Lily.”

“Hello Mister Spock.” She lisped just a little. It was very cute and sweet. “Daddy made pasghetti.”

“I can smell it. It smells good.”

“It’s vegemarian.”

Jim laughed. “Vegetarian, sweetie.”

She nodded, as though that was exactly what she said.

“Want to come see our tree?”

Spock tilted his head. “It would be my pleasure.”

“Yeah, you two do that while I get dinner ready.” Jim waved them in the direction of the living room.

Lily put her hand out to take Spock’s and after a quick blink, Spock took her hand and allowed her to lead him to the tree.