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Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 24

Chapter Twenty-Four: Christmas Eve

Gad-Shen closed at noon on Christmas Eve as Spock wanted to give the staff a chance to be able to do what they wished for the holiday. It was to be closed all day for Christmas.

Spock planned to adopt the kitten for Lily and hide it until Christmas morning. This was a bit of a challenge because you couldn’t exactly wrap a kitten or expect it to be quiet while you held it in another room.

Since Spock wanted to have Christmas Eve dinner with Jim and Lily, he kept the kitten and all the stuff that went with her at his apartment over the restaurant. It would mean having to return there to fetch everything after Lily went to bed, but Jim and Spock didn’t see any other way.

So after they closed Gad-Shen, Jim went to get Lily.

Jim and Lily had decided on fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn bread for their dinner. He’d make a vegetarian past with Kreyla for Spock.

He gave Maggie a box of both her favorite cookies and candies and then brought Lily home.

She was bouncing with frenetic excitement. Jim wondered if he would ever get her to sleep. He dreaded the idea of her deciding she would stay up to catch a glimpse of Santa.

Still, Jim was going to treasure this.

With being accepted to the Academy for next fall, they’d be leaving Riverside. He’d probably have to sell this place. Either way, they wouldn’t have Christmas here again. Not for a long time. If ever. And not when Lily still believed in Santa Clause.

They had dinner when Spock arrived and then the three of them sat in the living room by the tree and the fire. Jim had some spiked eggnog, Lily hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles, and Spock Christmas spiced tea.

Jim had Lily and him singing traditional Christmas tunes, but Spock abstained from that, though Jim thought it would have been amusing to hear Spock singing Deck the Halls.

When Lily finally began to yawn and then doze off, Jim scooped her up to take her to bed. He heard Spock make his temporary exit while he did so.

After dressing his angel in her favorite Christmas pajamas, Jim kissed her forehead, and turned off her light to go downstairs and do his Santa duties.

He filled her stocking, stopping to be amused how Lily had filled his and Spock’s. His had a candy cane sticking up from it too.

Then he put out her Santa wrapped presents, including the bike and kitchen.

Lily had made cookies for Santa so Jim ate those and drank the milk too. He saved a couple for Spock too.

When Spock returned, Jim saw that he had wrapped all the kitten’s accessories from Santa too.  

It was too cute and earned him a big kiss from Jim.

“God, you’re just perfect.”

Spock quirked a brow.

“Perfect for me anyway.”

“I will definitely accept that,” Spock replied. “I am certain at some point you and I will have a disagreement and you will decide I am not perfect at all.”

Jim laughed.

“Right now we are…as they say…in the honeymoon phase.”

“Yep, you’re right. I’m just as sure you’ll figure out I’m an incredibly illogical being.”

Spock’s eyes were warm. “I have already discovered that.”

Jim laughed again and kissed him. “Okay, well, I’m almost as anxious for morning as Lily no doubt is. This has turned out to be such a great time.”

“And you didn’t think it would be.”

“This has been a bad year,” Jim admitted. “Mom losing her battle with cancer. Me losing my job. I’ve always tried to keep a positive attitude. I don’t believe in no win scenarios, you know? But lately? That’s been challenged. Seeing your help wanted sign? That’s when everything changed. For the better.”

“For me as well. I believe we were drawn to each other, like I said. As we are T’hy’la. And some day, when we are both ready, I would like us to formally bond.”

Jim smiled and kissed him. “You’re definitely the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten.”

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 23

Chapter Twenty-Three: A Change of Fortune


Gaila came up behind Jim as he looked at his messages on his communication device. “What’s up, Handsome?”

“My old boss, Charlie, wants to see me after my shift today.”

“Your boss at the shipyard?”

“Uh-huh.” Jim shrugged. “Probably forgot to do some paperwork or something. I’ll have to ask Maggie to watch Lily a little bit longer.”

“Speaking of weird, who do you think that is talking to the boss?” Gaila gestured with her shoulder as she carried a stack of dishes.

Sure enough there was a man Jim had never seen before speaking with Spock in the corner of the restaurant. He had silver at his temples, and he wore a heavy overcoat. Not that surprising as it was snowing outside.

For some reason, Jim couldn’t quite figure out, he looked…official.

“No idea,” Jim admitted.

And he didn’t really feel like he could march on over and demand to know either.

In fact, shortly after they saw the guy, he and Spock went back to Spock’s office and Jim didn’t see Spock the rest of the afternoon before his shift was over and he was supposed to go see Charlie.

Fortunately for Jim, Maggie could watch Lily for a little bit longer. He really needed to give her a giant Christmas present. He was really lucky he could rely on her.

Things seemed to be bustling at the shipyard when he arrived. Seemed a bit strange considering they were going to be shutting down.

Charlie was waiting for him when he got there. He offered Jim a drink, alcohol, but Jim turned him down.

“Have a seat, Jim. I have some good news.” Charlie was grinning like the cat who’d swallowed the canary.

Jim took the seat in front of Charlie’s desk. “Shoot.”

“Come January second, we can hire you back at the yard.”

Jim stared at him. “What?”

“Starfleet was here today. Man named Christopher Pike.”

“Pike,” Jim said faintly. The name sounded familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it.

Charlie nodded. “Captain there. Anyway, Pike said after some other considerations, they changed their mind about closing this yard here in Riverside. With that in mind, we can hire you back to start right after the holidays.” Charlie sat back and rubbed his tummy. “That is if you’re interested.”

Jim grinned. “Of course I’m interested.”

“Thought you might be. I know you got the restaurant job and that’s great and all, but this one pays a lot more, and I know you got your obligations. I’d like to get you back on, Jim. I felt bad about having to let you go. Oh, and we’ll bring you on at a few dollars more an hour too. I know you were looking to get a raise.”

Jim stood and shook Charlie’s hand. “Thank you. I couldn’t be happier, This is very good news.”

“Merry Christmas, Jim. I’m glad things are looking up for all of us.”

“Me too.”


He had another message from Spock asking him to return to the restaurant to meet someone. Jim assumed it was the man Spock had with him.

So he once more notified Maggie, apologizing profusely, and then headed back into the main town.

Sure enough when he got back to Gad-Shen, Spock let him inside, and sitting at one of the tables was the man from before. He wasn’t wearing his coat and appeared to be drinking tea. There was a pot of it on the table along with two cups.

“Tea, Jim?” Spock offered.

“No, thanks.”

“Did you come from the shipyard?”

Jim nodded. “You know about the message from Charlie?”

“Yes. Please come meet Captain Pike.”

Well, that certainly explained a few things.

Jim stepped over to the table. “Hello. Nice to meet you, sir.”

Pike stood up and shook Jim’s hand. “Jim. It’s very nice to meet you. Sit down, please. Join us.”

Jim sat at the table with Spock and Pike.

“I knew your father, Jim. We went to the Academy together. We were friends. I knew your mom, too, though not quite as well. I’m so sorry for the loss of both of them.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that. Mom might have mentioned you before because your name sounded familiar when Charlie spoke about you. You reopened the contract with Riverside?”

Pike smiled. “I did. We ran the numbers again after Amanda Grayson contacted us.”

Jim glanced at Spock. “Your mother?”

“Indeed. She had advised me that your name sounded familiar. Apparently she was also acquainted with Captain Pike as well as your mother before her marriage to my father.”

“That’s right,” Pike agreed. “I’ve known Amanda’s family for a number of years. She explained the situation here in Riverside, so I looked into it.”

“Wow, that was really nice of her.”

“Turned out she was right. It deserved another look. I came down to explain the situation to the shipyard.” Pike paused. “And also to advise several of you who live here about the status of your applications for Starfleet Academy.”

Jim shared a glance with Spock, but Spock gave nothing away.

“Unfortunately, we have no room for new recruits for the spring coming up, but the applications for the fall semester of next year have been approved for Spock, yourself, Nyota Uhura, and Montgomery Scott.”

Excitement bubbled up in Jim and he found it a little difficult to stay still. “That’s-that’s very good news, sir.”

“Yes, I thought it might be,” Pike said with a smile. “Which is why I came to Gad-Shen to explain while I was in Riverside anyway. I thought it might be welcome news for the holiday.”

“It definitely is.”

“Spock and I are going to have dinner together in a bit. You’re welcome to join us, Jim.”

“Thank you, sir, and ordinarily I would, but it’s just a couple of days before Christmas, and I have a very excited little girl who is waiting for me to pick her up from the babysitter.”

“Spock has told me about Lily. She sounds great.” Pike stood and shook Jim’s hand. “I’ll be off for the moment as I have a few more things to clear up before I have dinner with Spock. Jim, I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco next year.”

“I’ll be there, Captain.”

Spock walked Pike to the door and let him out of the restaurant.

He turned back to Jim then. “You are pleased?”

“Hell yeah. The Academy? Wow. That’s what we both want.”

“Yes. And having to wait until Autumn will work out well with my plans for Gad-Shen. I may have to accelerate things with Gaila, but I believe it is doable.”

Jim bit his lip. “Listen. About Gad-Shen. Charlie offered me the job back at higher pay after the first and I’d really like to—”

“Jim. It is fine. I am sure I can hire someone else to wait table at the restaurant.”  

“I don’t want to leave you in a bind.”

“You won’t. And when I spoke to Captain Pike, I was aware that Charlie planned on hiring you back. I am pleased you will have that position until we leave for the Academy next year.”

Jim embraced Spock, smiling. “Things are really starting to work out.”


“It’s a Christmas miracle.” Jim laughed and then kissed Spock deeply. “I better go though. I owe Maggie some flowers for watching my girl and I want to have time to get them.”

“I will see you tomorrow.”

“Christmas Eve.”

“Indeed, I will need to go to the shelter for Lily’s cat.”

‘That’s right. You’re the best, Spock. I’m so excited for all of us.”

And they shared one more kiss before Jim left to go pick up Lily.

After getting flowers of course.     

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 22

Chapter 22: T’hy’la

They’d gotten Lily off to bed, settled in, and asleep, and now they were lying in Jim’s bed together, kissing softly.

Jim could tell by the way Spock’s fingers kept grazing his jaw and cheeks that Spock was holding himself back from the meld he wished to do.

“Hey,” he whispered against Spock’s lips. “It’s okay, if you want.”

“I…I do. But…Jim. Have you heard of T’hy’la?”

Jim shook his head.

“It is the connection I suspect you and I have. An ancient bond that has not been heard of, that I am aware, since Vulcan days without logic.”

“If it’s so ancient, are you sure we’d have it? I’m a human after all.”

“When we touch it whispers to me. The word surrounds my mind. Whispers softly there. Friend, brother, lover. A warrior bond between males.”

Jim smiled as Spock stroked his thumb over his bottom lip. “Sounds kinda hard to believe.”

“And yet here we are. Feeling closer to each other than we have to anyone else.” Spock stared at him. “Or am I wrong?”

Jim’s pulse raced as he kissed Spock. “No. No, you are not.”

Spock rose over Jim then and they soon stopped talking to do other things.

And as Spock moved within him, he once more had his hand hovering over Jim’s face.

Breathlessly, Jim grabbed Spock’s hand and pressed it to his face.


“I’m ready, Spock. I am.”

And Jim was a little surprised to realize that he was. Whatever the meld would do, Jim was ready for it. He trusted Spock. And whether that was wise or not, he didn’t know.

Spock’s fingertips rested on Jim’s face and as Spock thrust inside his body, he suddenly entered Jim’s mind.

Jim would have to admit later that he was somewhat relieved that there was nothing at all frightening or strange about it.

Spock’s mind mingled with his…well like they had always been connected, always been seeking each other. It was as though the sun reflected off the water in the ocean. Hot and cold combining to create warmth.

He had an image of them running hand in hand across desert sands and then the image changed to them in front of a mountain. Then finally they stood hand in hand in front of Starfleet Headquarters.

Laughter bubbled up within him as Spock’s hand dropped away from his face and they both opened their eyes to gaze at each other as they found release, in mind, body, and soul.


“I love you,” Jim whispered to Spock long after they had been lying in bed, redressed, and holding each other. Sleeping. But sleep didn’t endure for either of them. They kept waking up to touch, to kiss. “I do. Too soon. Who knows?”

“It is not too soon for me. I came to Riverside thinking it was to open Gad-Shen for Solek. But now? I believe it was to meet you, T’hy’la. I was drawn to this place because of you.”

Jim smiled. He leaned on his elbows, gazing up into Spock’s face. The very weak, early morning light was enough so he could see Spock’s beloved face.

“I felt a pull to cross the street from the depot to that help wanted sign. I thought for a job, but maybe it was more. Fate?” He laughed softly. “I don’t know. But here we are.”

“Here we are. Taluhk nash-veh k’dular.”

Jim recognized the Vulcan words. They zinged his heart and they opened his mind.

“The future looks so right I gotta wear shades.”


Jim laughed long and deep. “Nothing. Just a song. It seemed appropriate.”

Spock shook his head. “Get some more sleep. We will have to get up in a very short time.”

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 21

Chapter Twenty-One: The Kirks

Spock found himself illogically anticipating his time with the Kirks. He didn’t know how it happened, but very quickly Jim and his angel, Lily, had wrapped Spock around their little fingers.

And he was not at all displeased.

Over the last few days, Spock had investigated the distinct possibility that Jim was his T’hy’la, and if he was, as Spock suspected, being this enamored of Jim made perfect sense.

One might even say logical sense.

That might be pushing it, Spock acknowledged as he was greeted warmly by two of his three favorite humans. His mother still counted, of course.

“Spock! Spock!” Lily jumped up and down when Spock entered their house. “Daddy says you are doing a sleepover.”

Jim laughed but Spock nodded.

“Indeed.” He held up his overnight bag.

Jim came and took it from him. “I’ll put this upstairs. Be right back.”

Lily stood before him with a big smile. “I made you something.”

Spock arched a brow. “Oh?”

“A stocking! Come here.”

Spock followed her into the living room where on the mantle were attached three stockings. One for her daddy, one for her, and to Spock’s surprise, one for him. A blue one.

He was quite surprised to see that it had been filled too. There was a very large candy cane sticking out from the top.

Lily noticed his gaze. “That’s a candy cane.”

“I am aware.”

“Do you like them?” She now looked anxious and was wringing her hands. “I made sure it was vebben.”

Jim came up behind them then. “Vegan, sweetie.”

“Yes,” she agreed, as though that is what she had said. “Do you like them?” she asked again.

Spock had honestly never had one. And he didn’t want to lie to her.

“I have never had one but I am looking forward to trying it.”

Lily nodded, seeming satisfied. She fingered the stocking. “It also has nuts and oranges and…”

“Sweetie,” Jim interrupted with a laugh. “You aren’t supposed to tell him what’s in it. He’ll find out himself on Christmas. It’s a surprise.”

“Oh yeah! Sorry.” She giggled.

“Can you set the table for Daddy?”


As she ran off to do so, Jim shook his head. “Non-breakable dishes. Hope that’s all right.”

“It is definitely all right. What are we having?”

“A sort of squash casserole thing with some warm bread.”

“It smells quite enticing.”

Jim cozied up to Spock. Gave him a quick kiss. “Thank you for coming. Hope the whole bar thing wasn’t too uncomfortable for you.”

“It was not,” Spock assured him.

“Good. All right. Let’s get some dinner.”    


The squash casserole ended up being surprisingly good considering Spock had never even heard of such a dish and afterward they all spent time in the kitchen cleaning up.

It seemed really rather domestic to Spock but all in a good way.

He was not sure what the future held exactly, but he was pretty sure for him it included Jim and his little blonde angel.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter20

Chapter Twenty: Drinks with the Crew

A few days later, Gaila once more approached Jim at work.



She rolled her eyes. “Loverboy. Whatever. Can you come for a drink with us after work today? Me, Ny, Scotty. You can even bring the boss but tell him he has to loosen up.”


“Yep. Down to Rick’s at the corner. Just one drink. I can call your babysitter and beg her on your behalf if you want.”

Jim shook his head. He could just imagine that conversation. “I think I can go. Just let me find out and get back to you.”

“Sure.” Gaila smirked. “You gonna ask your sweetie?”

“Yeah, don’t want him to feel left out.”

Later, he checked with Maggie, who once more advised she didn’t mind, and man he needed to get her a nice present, and then he cornered Spock privately to ask.

“So. Everyone wants to go for a drink after work. You in?”

Spock pursed his lips. “Alcohol?”

Jim smiled. “Yep. I’d love it if you came.”

“Very well. But I will have some tasks to finish up after closure. Where is this establishment?”

“Rick’s just down the street.”

Spock nodded. “I will be there.”


“So where’s Spock anyway?” Uhura asked as the four of them settled into a booth at Rick’s.

“He’s coming. Wanted to finish a few things.”

She arched an elegant brow and picked up her butterscotch appletini.

“What are you having, laddy?” Scotty asked him, lifting his scotch to his lips.

“Just a light beer.” Jim shrugged.  “I have to go get Lily when we’re done so I can’t really get plastered or anything.”

“Aye. I getcha.”

“You should bring her by one day, like when you’re off on Wednesday so we can all meet her,” Gaila said. She was drinking something as green as she was.

Jim smiled. “Good idea. Sure she’d love all of you.”

Just then he spotted Spock entering the bar and he waved him over.

“Glad you could join us, Spock,” Scotty greeted him. “What can we get you to drink?”

Spock slid into the booth next to Jim. “I do not drink, but thank you.”

Jim put his hand on Spock’s. “Thanks for coming along anyway.”

“I am pleased to do so.”

Uhura just barely refrained from rolling her eyes, Jim was sure. But she gave a little shrug and seemed resigned to losing Spock to Jim. “Spock, what’s going to happen to Gad-Shen once you leave for Starfleet Academy?”

Spock looked over at Gaila who smiled like the Cheshire Cat. “Actually, Gaila will be taking over the restaurant when I leave.”

They all glance to Gaila. Everyone was talking at once.

She waved her hands. “I know! I know! Me? Staying in Riverside and running a restaurant? But I’ve talked with Spock at length about things and I just…it seems right for me.”

“Wow.” Uhura smiled. “I’m so happy for you if this is what you want.”

“It is,” Gaila assured her.

“And I feel good about handing over Solek’s dream to Gaila when the time comes,” Spock added. “I believe she will do it justice.”

Jim held up his beer bottle. “I’ll drink to that.”



“Hey.” Jim drew Spock aside as everyone broke up the party and left Rick’s. “You wanna come home with me?”

“For dinner?”

Jim inclined his head. “And beyond.”


He took one of Spock’s hands, met his gaze. “Stay over with me? I know we need to get up super early for the restaurant. But, I don’t know, if we’re going to make this, serious—”

“We are.”

Jim laughed, relieved. “Then we’re going to have to make it work with the three of us. You, me, Lily. And you staying over. So?”

Spock nodded. “That makes sense. I will bring my own vehicle because I should probably get to the restaurant a bit earlier than you, and I do not wish to make you and Lily leave your home sooner than you have to. Plus I will need to get some belongings to bring with me.”


Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen: Santa Shopping

“A hundred?” Jim frowned. “Wow. That was a little more than I had intended to spend. It’s a toy. You can’t even really cook in it.”

They were standing before the elaborate pink play kitchen of Lily’s dreams.

Only sometimes the stuff dreams were made of was too costly.

“Maybe I can find it second hand or something.”

“I doubt there would be time before Christmas,” Spock said reasonably. “How much did you hope to pay?”

Jim shrugged. “Fifty? I mean I guess there are cheaper ones or something, but I know this is the one she wanted.” He blew out a breath. “This sucks. She should get this one. But I already got her the bike she wanted and that was more than I thought it would be. I can’t really justify paying this much for the kitchen.”

“Pay what you wanted to pay and I will pay the difference.”

He shook his head. “I can’t ask you to do that.”

“You are not asking, I am offering. And I wish to do it.”


“Jim. Times are hard for you right now but they won’t always be. If you wish to think about paying me back for it some day you may, but I am not expecting it.  

“I’m not looking for a sugar daddy.”

“And I am not looking to be one. I do not believe that this is what this is. I believe we building a mutually beneficial relationship. Do you agree?”

“Of course, yeah.”

Spock nodded. “I have grown fond of Lily and wish to help you obtain items off her Santa list. Is that permissible?”

Jim grinned and leaned over to give Spock a very quick kiss. “Yes, it’s permissible. And-and thank you. She’s going to be thrilled.”


“What else is on her Santa list?” Spock asked Jim as they left the store.

Jim perused the list. “We got the kitchen. Got the dress. The bike. Barb at the depot gave me a doll for her. Got her a book about baby animals. Some pajamas. Just the cat. And whatever she wants for me.”

Spock arched a brow. “No clue?”

“Not whatsoever. Maybe a better job.” Jim laughed and then felt himself turn red. “Not that working at Gad-Shen is bad. Not at all. I meant—”

Spock’s lips twitched. “I am well aware the restaurant is not our destiny.”

Jim sighed as they put their purchases in the hover car. “I applied for Starfleet. I don’t know what will happen. What the future holds. Not at all. But…the truth is I wanted to enlist before but didn’t because Mom was so against it because of Dad.”

“George Kirk,” Spock said, softly.

“Yeah. I may not even get in but…”

“You will.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“I would love for us to attend the Academy together. But, as you say, we do not know what the future holds.  We shall both wait and see.”

They got into the hover car.

“And now we should go to the shelter.”

Jim laughed. “Really? Spock, if we go there, we will definitely end up with a cat.”


“And then what? What do we do with a cat until Christmas if Santa brings it?”

Spock shrugged. “I could keep it and then deliver it for that morning.”

“You really want to go through all that trouble, honey?”

And the horse was out of the barn before he could close the door. The horse being that endearment. Jim was extremely embarrassed too.

“That is…what I meant to say…you know what? Never mind.”

Spock arched a brow. “So you are taking back the endearment?”

Jim laughed and covered his face. “I know that was stupid. Way too soon or whatever but…”

“I do not mind.”

Jim peeked at him through his fingers. “No?”

“Why would I?”

“Because like I said, it’s probably too soon.”

Spock didn’t say anything for a moment and Jim waited, holding his breath.

“Jim, I am spending my Saturday off shopping for your little girl’s Christmas presents. I contributed to the cost of one of them and am now speaking of adopting her a pet which she will, no doubt, keep long term, even when you move to San Francisco should you attend the Starfleet Academy. I am speaking of keeping said pet in my apartment and caring for it until Christmas. I believe I have demonstrated quite well my intentions where you are concerned.”

“Boy, I’m a dunderhead,” Jim said with a laugh. “Yeah I guess you have.”

“That seems to me to warrant an endearment or two.”

“I’ll say.” Jim leaned over and kissed Spock thoroughly. “Honey.”


As it happened they had a little orange tabby kitten, but the shelter said the kitten wasn’t quite ready to be adopted and they ought to return two days before Christmas. That seemed perfect to Spock and Jim and so they left the shelter and took all the presents back to the farmhouse to hide in Jim’s house.

Jim then took Spock back to his place. He briefly thought about having Spock stay over but they talked about and decided with having to get up so early to start work at the restaurant, they’d have Spock stay over a different night. Shopping had wiped them out anyway.

After saying goodnight to Spock, Jim went to get Lily.

She’d been doing crafts with Maggie and proudly produced three stockings she’d ‘made’ by gluing white fake fur onto purple, gold, and blue stockings.

The purple one had her name in glitter, what a mess, Jim thought, the gold read Daddy, and finally the blue had the name Spock.

Jim picked her up and hugged her tight.

“These are beautiful.”

“What happened to Spock?” she asked.

“Well, he went home. But we’ll see that he gets this the next time we see him. Okay?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“Thank you, Maggie. Goodnight.”

On the way home, Jim drove by several Christmas lights displays so Lily could see them. She clapped happily the whole way.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen: A Difficult Morning

Spock arrived to pick up Jim at just after ten in the morning.

As soon as Jim let him into the house he could see that Jim looked harried and frazzled

Lily, usually the picture of cherubic cuteness, wore an expression that was a cross between a scowl and a pout. One leg of her yellow leggings was pushed up to the knee and she had only one shoe on.  

Jim didn’t look at all like his usual smiling face.

“Sorry,” Jim said, running his hand over his unshaven jaw. “We’ve been having a difficult morning.”

“Is there something I can do to help?”

“I don’t know.” Jim finally offered him a strained smile. “We’ve been arguing all morning. She wants to come with me. I told her she couldn’t, so she threw a tantrum.”

“Such a sweet little girl,” Spock murmured.

Jim laughed. “Yeah well. Not so much today.”

Spock looked to Lily who had her arms crossed in front of her chest. “I am sorry, Lily, but I am taking your Daddy to a work meeting and children are simply not allowed.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because it is for adults who work for the restaurant.” Spock paused. He suspected the reason Vulcans did not lie was because they were quite terrible at it. “And you are clearly neither an adult nor do you work for the restaurant.”

Lily did not reply to that and seemed uncertain.

“All right, enough of this, sweetie. We have to go and take you to Maggie’s or we’re going to be late for that meeting. That would be unfair to Spock to make him late for his own meeting.”

Jim knelt down beside her and straightened out her leggings. Her bottom lip quivered but she had lowered her arms and seemed to be resigned to not going with them.

Lily got bundled up into a coat and they all made their way out to Jim’s hover car.

The car ride to Maggie’s was mostly silent as Lily was still a little sulky to lose her argument with her daddy.

But when Jim took her out to bring her into the house, she turned to her daddy.

“Sorry, Daddy.”

Jim smiled and hugged her. “It’s all right, angel. Everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes. You be good for Maggie and I’ll come to pick you up as soon as I can, okay?”

“All right, Daddy.”

Jim mouthed thanks to Maggie and then returned to the car where Spock waited.

“I’m really sorry you had to deal with that. What a morning.” Jim laughed. “Very frustrating. She’s usually such a good girl.”

Spock shrugged. “I am sure all parents have to deal with days like that. I bet this is not the first time Lily has acted out.”

“No, it’s not. But she really is usually very good.”

“She just likes spending time with you. And I can hardly blame her.”

Jim’s smile widened. “Normally it wouldn’t matter that much but how can she get stuff from Santa if she’s going along?”

“Indeed. Shall we?”

“Yep. First stop the department store to look at that toy kitchen.”

“Perhaps at some point we should stop at the shelter.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “To look for a cat?”

“Yes, I think Lily would likely benefit from a pet.”

“Did you?”

“Actually, yes.”

Jim laughed. “Really? What? A dog or something? Do they have those on Vulcan?”

“Exported canines yes, but they are not natural to Vulcan. My animal companion was a Sehlat. Have you heard of them?”

Jim frowned. “Only vaguely.”

“I will have to show you pictures of the two of us some day. But for now, let us go Santa shopping.”

Jim patted Spock’s leg. “Yeah, let’s go.”       

Let Nothing You Dismay, Chapter 16


Chapter Sixteen: The Next Level

Adult Content

The feel of Jim pressed down against him, those round buttocks pressing into Spock’s burgeoning erection, pulled an unbidden moan from Spock’s lips. He found himself rising on the sofa, eager to touch as much of Jim as he could.

He slipped his hands under the maroon sweater, fingers splaying over bare skin, soft and hot to the touch. Though fanciful, Spock would not have been entirely surprised if a glowing light would have come off Jim’s skin wherever he touched it.

Jim’s hungry kisses were unlike anything Spock had ever truly experienced. In previous lovers, Human kisses were not really something he spent a lot of time indulging in.

When Jim moved his mouth off Spock’s, Spock chased it back, eager to feel more of the press of those warm, chapped lips seeking his.

Jim laughed, breathless, as he once more attempted to pull away. “Have you got…?”

“Yes,” Spock rasped. “Bathroom.”

Jim nodded and kissed Spock again, pressing down once more against Spock’s hard length, driving Spock to distraction.  

Spock growled low in his throat.

Jim pulled back, arched both brows. “Somebody’s impatient.”


Jim grinned and made to move off of Spock’s lap, but Spock was, admittedly, reluctant to let Jim go, even to obtain what they both needed to continue.

But eventually, Jim smacked Spock’s hands away, and scooted off Spock’s lap, allowing Spock to catch his breath and get control of himself.

From his place on the couch he watched Jim go into the bathroom and open the sole cabinet under the sink. When Spock thought he could actually stand without having something humiliating happen, he got to his own feet.

His erection was pressing uncomfortably against the confinement of his trousers. He was also aware he’d created a wet spot there from his leaking cock.

Jim came out of the bathroom holding the bottle of lubricant. He wasted no time tossing it onto Spock’s bed as he then grabbed the hem of his pullover sweater and yanked it off over his head.

And if Spock thought he’d finally gotten himself together, he was wrong. The sight of Jim’s pecs and abs had Spock embarrassingly panting.

His mouth felt dry and he swallowed heavily as Jim’s fingers moved to the waistband of his pants in preparation to remove them.

But then Jim paused, noticing Spock just stood there, mouth gaped open.

“Think you might want to join me?” Jim’s tone was amusingly teasing.

He was so gorgeous, Spock felt a little out of Jim’s league in a way he could not remember ever feeling.   

Spock took a few steps to the bed, just enough to reach Jim and pull him close, once more sealing their lips together.

Jim then began to help Spock out of his clothes, and when, finally, the task of stripping them both was done, they fell on to the coverlet on the bed, hands and lips reaching out and seeking each other.

At first it seemed to be a contest of whom could pin whom to bed, but finally Spock’s superior strength paid off and he had Jim wriggling beneath him, blue eyes sparkling with a heady mixture of laughter and desire.

Fastening his mouth to Jim’s, Spock kissed him long and lingering, wanting to take their time, but his body unwilling to let him do so.

Running his hands all over Jim’s golden skin, Spock fingers and palm tingling with their connection, he flipped Jim over onto his stomach, as Jim handed him the lubricant.

He carefully prepared Jim, slipping slicked fingers inside until Jim was stretched and ready.

Spock hovered over him, running his hands over Jim’s smooth, muscled back, then moving them down to Jim’s ass cheeks, parting them as Spock got into position.

The first push inside there was resistance. He pulled out, then pushed back in, this time fully entering Jim.

They began a slow rhythm. Spock thrusting forward and Jim rising up, pushing against Spock to get him in deeper.  Spock kept one hand gripping Jim’s hipbone and the other moved up toward Jim’s face, unable to resist the temptation of a shallow meld.

His fingertips barely touch the points of Jim’s face when Jim groaned out, shuddering beneath him, finding his release in the coverlet. There was almost a spark to the pads of Spock’s fingers as his own body jolted just before he released into the body of the human beneath him.

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen: Wanna Be Starting Something

Jim had to admit the Vulcan version of ramen had been pretty tasty. Some of the vegetables Spock had used were not ones Jim was familiar with, but most tasted good, with maybe one minor exception.

When dinner was over and Jim’d had probably one more glass of Spock’s surprisingly good wine, Spock joined Jim on the sofa which was really one of those two-seater love seats. With the wine Jim had drank, he sat probably a little too close to Spock, although Spock clearly didn’t seem to mind.

“Did you always know you liked guys?” Jim asked. He felt warm and full, tingly and happy.

“From a young age, yes. I was given a betrothal bond as a child with a Vulcan female named T’Pring, however, when we were each of teenaged years, we agreed we didn’t suit, and convinced our parents to sever our arrangement. And you?”

“I experimented with both genders at first,” Jim admitted. “But I found I prefer guys, mostly. But in all honesty since I took over care of Lily I haven’t been with anyone.”

“Too busy and concerned with her care?”

“That and there hasn’t really been anyone who has caught my interest in a long time.” Jim smiled. “Until you.”

“Then I am indeed fortunate.” Spock appeared to be hesitating over something, but Jim was not sure. Then he held up his hand, fingers spread out so only two leaned forward toward Jim. “If I may, would you indulge me by meeting my fingers with the companions of your own?”

Somewhat quizzically, Jim did as Spock asked, pressing the pads of his fingers to Spock’s. Where their fingers touched there was an increased warmth. Jim’s gaze flew to Spock’s.

“Then you do feel that?” Spock asked.

“Well, yeah, but I’m guessing that’s what they used to refer to as sparks in the old days.” Jim laughed.

“It is more than that, I believe.” Spock moved his hand away from Jim’s.

“What more?”

Spock shook his head. “I am not yet ready to have that discussion. Only know that I believe you will become quite significant to me and I to you.”

Jim laughed again. “Okay, well, that’s no pressure or anything.”

“It is not meant to be, and I apologize. It is merely something I need to figure out in my mind and perhaps ask questions of other Vulcans. I do not mean to be so…cryptic.”

“It’s fine. I understand. I just really like you.”

Spock’s lips quirked. “I feel very much the same way. Which is why I invited you here tonight. Your daughter is adorable, and I look forward greatly to spending more time with both of you, but…”

“Tonight you’re looking to get laid.”

“I wouldn’t have put it quite like that,” Spock said, dryly.

“Come on, Spock. Why should either of us beat around the bush or pretend we don’t know what the other wants. You knew when I agreed to come here that was what we both wanted.”


Jim smiled, changed positions until he was straddling Spock’s lap, and then leaned down to capture Spock’s mouth with his.

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