Chapter 22: T’hy’la

They’d gotten Lily off to bed, settled in, and asleep, and now they were lying in Jim’s bed together, kissing softly.

Jim could tell by the way Spock’s fingers kept grazing his jaw and cheeks that Spock was holding himself back from the meld he wished to do.

“Hey,” he whispered against Spock’s lips. “It’s okay, if you want.”

“I…I do. But…Jim. Have you heard of T’hy’la?”

Jim shook his head.

“It is the connection I suspect you and I have. An ancient bond that has not been heard of, that I am aware, since Vulcan days without logic.”

“If it’s so ancient, are you sure we’d have it? I’m a human after all.”

“When we touch it whispers to me. The word surrounds my mind. Whispers softly there. Friend, brother, lover. A warrior bond between males.”

Jim smiled as Spock stroked his thumb over his bottom lip. “Sounds kinda hard to believe.”

“And yet here we are. Feeling closer to each other than we have to anyone else.” Spock stared at him. “Or am I wrong?”

Jim’s pulse raced as he kissed Spock. “No. No, you are not.”

Spock rose over Jim then and they soon stopped talking to do other things.

And as Spock moved within him, he once more had his hand hovering over Jim’s face.

Breathlessly, Jim grabbed Spock’s hand and pressed it to his face.


“I’m ready, Spock. I am.”

And Jim was a little surprised to realize that he was. Whatever the meld would do, Jim was ready for it. He trusted Spock. And whether that was wise or not, he didn’t know.

Spock’s fingertips rested on Jim’s face and as Spock thrust inside his body, he suddenly entered Jim’s mind.

Jim would have to admit later that he was somewhat relieved that there was nothing at all frightening or strange about it.

Spock’s mind mingled with his…well like they had always been connected, always been seeking each other. It was as though the sun reflected off the water in the ocean. Hot and cold combining to create warmth.

He had an image of them running hand in hand across desert sands and then the image changed to them in front of a mountain. Then finally they stood hand in hand in front of Starfleet Headquarters.

Laughter bubbled up within him as Spock’s hand dropped away from his face and they both opened their eyes to gaze at each other as they found release, in mind, body, and soul.


“I love you,” Jim whispered to Spock long after they had been lying in bed, redressed, and holding each other. Sleeping. But sleep didn’t endure for either of them. They kept waking up to touch, to kiss. “I do. Too soon. Who knows?”

“It is not too soon for me. I came to Riverside thinking it was to open Gad-Shen for Solek. But now? I believe it was to meet you, T’hy’la. I was drawn to this place because of you.”

Jim smiled. He leaned on his elbows, gazing up into Spock’s face. The very weak, early morning light was enough so he could see Spock’s beloved face.

“I felt a pull to cross the street from the depot to that help wanted sign. I thought for a job, but maybe it was more. Fate?” He laughed softly. “I don’t know. But here we are.”

“Here we are. Taluhk nash-veh k’dular.”

Jim recognized the Vulcan words. They zinged his heart and they opened his mind.

“The future looks so right I gotta wear shades.”


Jim laughed long and deep. “Nothing. Just a song. It seemed appropriate.”

Spock shook his head. “Get some more sleep. We will have to get up in a very short time.”