Chapter Twenty-One: The Kirks

Spock found himself illogically anticipating his time with the Kirks. He didn’t know how it happened, but very quickly Jim and his angel, Lily, had wrapped Spock around their little fingers.

And he was not at all displeased.

Over the last few days, Spock had investigated the distinct possibility that Jim was his T’hy’la, and if he was, as Spock suspected, being this enamored of Jim made perfect sense.

One might even say logical sense.

That might be pushing it, Spock acknowledged as he was greeted warmly by two of his three favorite humans. His mother still counted, of course.

“Spock! Spock!” Lily jumped up and down when Spock entered their house. “Daddy says you are doing a sleepover.”

Jim laughed but Spock nodded.

“Indeed.” He held up his overnight bag.

Jim came and took it from him. “I’ll put this upstairs. Be right back.”

Lily stood before him with a big smile. “I made you something.”

Spock arched a brow. “Oh?”

“A stocking! Come here.”

Spock followed her into the living room where on the mantle were attached three stockings. One for her daddy, one for her, and to Spock’s surprise, one for him. A blue one.

He was quite surprised to see that it had been filled too. There was a very large candy cane sticking out from the top.

Lily noticed his gaze. “That’s a candy cane.”

“I am aware.”

“Do you like them?” She now looked anxious and was wringing her hands. “I made sure it was vebben.”

Jim came up behind them then. “Vegan, sweetie.”

“Yes,” she agreed, as though that is what she had said. “Do you like them?” she asked again.

Spock had honestly never had one. And he didn’t want to lie to her.

“I have never had one but I am looking forward to trying it.”

Lily nodded, seeming satisfied. She fingered the stocking. “It also has nuts and oranges and…”

“Sweetie,” Jim interrupted with a laugh. “You aren’t supposed to tell him what’s in it. He’ll find out himself on Christmas. It’s a surprise.”

“Oh yeah! Sorry.” She giggled.

“Can you set the table for Daddy?”


As she ran off to do so, Jim shook his head. “Non-breakable dishes. Hope that’s all right.”

“It is definitely all right. What are we having?”

“A sort of squash casserole thing with some warm bread.”

“It smells quite enticing.”

Jim cozied up to Spock. Gave him a quick kiss. “Thank you for coming. Hope the whole bar thing wasn’t too uncomfortable for you.”

“It was not,” Spock assured him.

“Good. All right. Let’s get some dinner.”    


The squash casserole ended up being surprisingly good considering Spock had never even heard of such a dish and afterward they all spent time in the kitchen cleaning up.

It seemed really rather domestic to Spock but all in a good way.

He was not sure what the future held exactly, but he was pretty sure for him it included Jim and his little blonde angel.