Chapter Sixteen: The Next Level

Adult Content

The feel of Jim pressed down against him, those round buttocks pressing into Spock’s burgeoning erection, pulled an unbidden moan from Spock’s lips. He found himself rising on the sofa, eager to touch as much of Jim as he could.

He slipped his hands under the maroon sweater, fingers splaying over bare skin, soft and hot to the touch. Though fanciful, Spock would not have been entirely surprised if a glowing light would have come off Jim’s skin wherever he touched it.

Jim’s hungry kisses were unlike anything Spock had ever truly experienced. In previous lovers, Human kisses were not really something he spent a lot of time indulging in.

When Jim moved his mouth off Spock’s, Spock chased it back, eager to feel more of the press of those warm, chapped lips seeking his.

Jim laughed, breathless, as he once more attempted to pull away. “Have you got…?”

“Yes,” Spock rasped. “Bathroom.”

Jim nodded and kissed Spock again, pressing down once more against Spock’s hard length, driving Spock to distraction.  

Spock growled low in his throat.

Jim pulled back, arched both brows. “Somebody’s impatient.”


Jim grinned and made to move off of Spock’s lap, but Spock was, admittedly, reluctant to let Jim go, even to obtain what they both needed to continue.

But eventually, Jim smacked Spock’s hands away, and scooted off Spock’s lap, allowing Spock to catch his breath and get control of himself.

From his place on the couch he watched Jim go into the bathroom and open the sole cabinet under the sink. When Spock thought he could actually stand without having something humiliating happen, he got to his own feet.

His erection was pressing uncomfortably against the confinement of his trousers. He was also aware he’d created a wet spot there from his leaking cock.

Jim came out of the bathroom holding the bottle of lubricant. He wasted no time tossing it onto Spock’s bed as he then grabbed the hem of his pullover sweater and yanked it off over his head.

And if Spock thought he’d finally gotten himself together, he was wrong. The sight of Jim’s pecs and abs had Spock embarrassingly panting.

His mouth felt dry and he swallowed heavily as Jim’s fingers moved to the waistband of his pants in preparation to remove them.

But then Jim paused, noticing Spock just stood there, mouth gaped open.

“Think you might want to join me?” Jim’s tone was amusingly teasing.

He was so gorgeous, Spock felt a little out of Jim’s league in a way he could not remember ever feeling.   

Spock took a few steps to the bed, just enough to reach Jim and pull him close, once more sealing their lips together.

Jim then began to help Spock out of his clothes, and when, finally, the task of stripping them both was done, they fell on to the coverlet on the bed, hands and lips reaching out and seeking each other.

At first it seemed to be a contest of whom could pin whom to bed, but finally Spock’s superior strength paid off and he had Jim wriggling beneath him, blue eyes sparkling with a heady mixture of laughter and desire.

Fastening his mouth to Jim’s, Spock kissed him long and lingering, wanting to take their time, but his body unwilling to let him do so.

Running his hands all over Jim’s golden skin, Spock fingers and palm tingling with their connection, he flipped Jim over onto his stomach, as Jim handed him the lubricant.

He carefully prepared Jim, slipping slicked fingers inside until Jim was stretched and ready.

Spock hovered over him, running his hands over Jim’s smooth, muscled back, then moving them down to Jim’s ass cheeks, parting them as Spock got into position.

The first push inside there was resistance. He pulled out, then pushed back in, this time fully entering Jim.

They began a slow rhythm. Spock thrusting forward and Jim rising up, pushing against Spock to get him in deeper.  Spock kept one hand gripping Jim’s hipbone and the other moved up toward Jim’s face, unable to resist the temptation of a shallow meld.

His fingertips barely touch the points of Jim’s face when Jim groaned out, shuddering beneath him, finding his release in the coverlet. There was almost a spark to the pads of Spock’s fingers as his own body jolted just before he released into the body of the human beneath him.