Chapter Fifteen: Wanna Be Starting Something

Jim had to admit the Vulcan version of ramen had been pretty tasty. Some of the vegetables Spock had used were not ones Jim was familiar with, but most tasted good, with maybe one minor exception.

When dinner was over and Jim’d had probably one more glass of Spock’s surprisingly good wine, Spock joined Jim on the sofa which was really one of those two-seater love seats. With the wine Jim had drank, he sat probably a little too close to Spock, although Spock clearly didn’t seem to mind.

“Did you always know you liked guys?” Jim asked. He felt warm and full, tingly and happy.

“From a young age, yes. I was given a betrothal bond as a child with a Vulcan female named T’Pring, however, when we were each of teenaged years, we agreed we didn’t suit, and convinced our parents to sever our arrangement. And you?”

“I experimented with both genders at first,” Jim admitted. “But I found I prefer guys, mostly. But in all honesty since I took over care of Lily I haven’t been with anyone.”

“Too busy and concerned with her care?”

“That and there hasn’t really been anyone who has caught my interest in a long time.” Jim smiled. “Until you.”

“Then I am indeed fortunate.” Spock appeared to be hesitating over something, but Jim was not sure. Then he held up his hand, fingers spread out so only two leaned forward toward Jim. “If I may, would you indulge me by meeting my fingers with the companions of your own?”

Somewhat quizzically, Jim did as Spock asked, pressing the pads of his fingers to Spock’s. Where their fingers touched there was an increased warmth. Jim’s gaze flew to Spock’s.

“Then you do feel that?” Spock asked.

“Well, yeah, but I’m guessing that’s what they used to refer to as sparks in the old days.” Jim laughed.

“It is more than that, I believe.” Spock moved his hand away from Jim’s.

“What more?”

Spock shook his head. “I am not yet ready to have that discussion. Only know that I believe you will become quite significant to me and I to you.”

Jim laughed again. “Okay, well, that’s no pressure or anything.”

“It is not meant to be, and I apologize. It is merely something I need to figure out in my mind and perhaps ask questions of other Vulcans. I do not mean to be so…cryptic.”

“It’s fine. I understand. I just really like you.”

Spock’s lips quirked. “I feel very much the same way. Which is why I invited you here tonight. Your daughter is adorable, and I look forward greatly to spending more time with both of you, but…”

“Tonight you’re looking to get laid.”

“I wouldn’t have put it quite like that,” Spock said, dryly.

“Come on, Spock. Why should either of us beat around the bush or pretend we don’t know what the other wants. You knew when I agreed to come here that was what we both wanted.”


Jim smiled, changed positions until he was straddling Spock’s lap, and then leaned down to capture Spock’s mouth with his.