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Spock watched as his boyfriend frantically ran back and forth through their apartment, making food for their friends and family. He did what he could do to assist him, but Jim often shooed him away, declaring he wanted to do most of it himself.

Spock had finally been sent out to get more tea, he thought they had plenty, and whipped cream. It was a little chilly out, so Spock had dressed himself in the sweater Jim had given him for his last birthday.

But as he stood there, Jim didn’t even seem to notice he had returned. And he smelled something burning.

“Jim. Something has burned…”

Jim stopped and gave him a look. He looked crestfallen. “I know. I burned the crust of one of my pies. Now I have to start all over.”

“Start all over…Jim. Didn’t you make three pies?”


“Won’t the other two pies be enough? Considering McCoy is making a pie as well, that seems more than enough.”

Jim sighed. “It’s not. And anyway I can’t possibly let Bones beat me in pie making.”

“What is the difference?”

“You just don’t know me at all!” Jim threw up his arms and turned away from Spock.

Spock decided he desperately needed meditation. He loved Jim. He did. So much it was nearly overwhelming in the best of times. These were not the best of times. When he got like this, Spock just did not know what to do.

He put the tea and whipped cream on the counter and left to their bedroom to meditate and leave Jim to overdo.

Spock reemerged later to find Jim lying on the couch, asleep.

He saw three perfectly baked pies cooling in the kitchen and many other dishes Jim had made ahead of time. Many of them were vegetarian.

Spock knelt down next to Jim on the couch. His recently acquired glasses were crooked on his face. Spock carefully removed them, set them aside, and leaned down to kiss Jim gently.

Jim opened his eyes and stared at Spock. “Hi.”

Spock smiled very slightly. “Hello Jim.”

“Are you mad?”

“Not at all. Are you?”

“Course not. I didn’t mean to make you leave.”

“It was best for both of us that I meditate. May I suggest that tomorrow you allow me to assist you?”

“I’ll try. Want to join me here?”

Spock looked at the small couch. “Not a lot of room.”

Jim smiled. “Not a lot needed. Come on. I see you’re cold. Sweater looks good on you.”

Spock kicked off his shoes and placed himself on the couch after Jim moved over. He was right, there wasn’t really enough room, but as Jim’s body was mostly on Spock’s, he found he did not mind.

Tomorrow all their friends and family would invade, and he would have no time alone with Jim, but for now…this soothed him.