“Bones, there’s no such things as ghosts.” Jim paused as they walked along while he ducked to avoid a banner that read Julie’s Haunts. “It’s all make believe.”

“I know that.” Bones glanced behind him. “Sorta. It’s just that my Aunt Willie…”

“Your aunt’s name was Willie?”

“Wilhelmina. As I was saying before I was interrupted…”

“Rudely interrupted.” Jim laughed.

“Yes. My sainted mother used to say she saw Aunt Willie wandering around by the duck pond behind our house.”


“Aunt Willie had been dead for years, Jim.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Well if your momma said…”

Bones wagged a finger at him. “Don’t you go sassing my momma.”

Jim ignored him. Well, just kind of. He ducked behind another banner that read The Thrill.

“Jim, this seems an odd place to meet your new boyfriend.”

“It’s a haunted festival, Bones.”

“Still. I don’t think ghosts are something to take lightly. My Uncle Roo…”

“Wait. Who?”

“Roo. Short for Roosevelt.”

“What happened to Aunt Willie?”

“Other side of the family. Uncle Roo saw his sweet momma…”

“Don’t tell me.” Jim held up his hands. “By the duck pond.”

Bones gave him a look. “Of course not. Out by the barn.”

“There’s always a barn.”


“We’re here.” Jim had stopped in front of a Haunted House that declared itself Windorf Manor.

“Where is here?”

Jim grabbed Bones’ arm. They went inside.

Just inside the door was a witch.

Jim grinned. “Should have known you’d make a good witch, Uhura.”

“Funny.” She lifted her wart covered long appendage that hung off her real nose. “Spock’s in there.”

Bones snickered. “What’s lover boy dressed as?”

“You’ll see. Next room.” She put her hand on Jim’s arm. “Wait. Tickets please.”

Jim snorted and handed her the tickets for him and Bones.

He went to the next room. Saw the Grim Reaper.

“Uh. Spock?”

The hood was lowered, and the mask removed. Yes, it was Spock.


Jim laughed and went to him, kissing him soundly, ignoring the gagging noises Bones made.

“This seems odd for you, Spock,” Bones said after collecting himself.

“Nyota talked me into it. And it is for charity.”

“Gotta say you look kinda spooky.”

“I’m surprised the idiot here didn’t get talked into being a zombie or something.”

Jim shuddered. “Do not say the Z word. Those are so creepy.”

Bones made a wooo sound and Jim shoved him.

“Thought you said there were no such things as ghosts.”

“Ghosts yeah. But zombies…”

A hand fell on his shoulder. Jim jumped and turned quickly, turning around to see a zombie leering at him.


Jim screamed, turning and fleeing the room.

Bones doubled over, laughing.

“Sulu, he’s going to kill you!”

“Well, geez, I didn’t know he was going to flip out that much.”

Spock sighed. “I had better go after him. He will be upset the rest of the day.”

“Guess you’ll have to comfort him then.”

Spock went to the next room.

Nyota pointed outside with a shake of her head.

Spock went outside to find Jim pacing back and forth next to the sign that reads Windorf Manor.

“Jim? Jim, are you all right?”

“Yeah. I guess. Just…embarrassed.”

“There is no need. Sulu was intending to scare you.” Spock frowned slightly. “Is that not the point of these kinds of things in October?”

Jim shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “Er. Yeah. I just…I don’t like scary things.” He laughed. Turned red.

He was adorable.

Spock took his hand. “I am done for the day. Come, you can stay at my apartment tonight, we will get whatever you want to eat, and I will pamper you.”

Jim smiled. “Pizza? A Hamburger? Chips?”

“All of that?”

Jim nodded.

“Very well, ashayam. All of that.”

As they left the Halloween Festival, Spock noticed Jim’s mood was quite a bit improved.

So was his.