Spock was sitting at the dining room table in Winona Kirk’s home in Riverside, Iowa, working on his PADD.  

Captain Kirk and his mother were outside, apparently surveying her yard and crops.

“To see if it’s Harvest time”.

They were there, visiting in October. It was a temporary leave and they were nearer Earth than New Vulcan, so there was not enough time to visit Spock’s father.

He and Nyota had ended their romantic relationship for good and so Spock was not going to be spending their short leave with Nyota.

 So he had gone along with Captain Kirk.

Spock had been glad that Doctor McCoy had gone to Georgia rather than come with them. Spock was looking forward to spending more time with Kirk because Spock hoped, at the end of this leave, to be able to announce his intention to court his captain.

If he could do so before, he would, but with Jim’s mom there, well, Spock hesitated. He did not begrudge Jim having this visit with his mom. He was aware Jim did not spend nearly as much time bonding with his mother as he would like, and though Spock was somewhat anxious to reveal his intentions, he would wait for the right time.

He heard Jim and his mother talking a mile a minute just before the back door opened and they came inside.

“Gonna be cold tonight,” Jim announced.


“Sure will,” Winona agreed. “I’ll put some soup on. Why don’t you go up and stake out your rooms?”  

“Yeah.” Jim smiled. “Come on. Let’s get settled, and I’ll get you some warmer blankets and stuff.”

Spock rose and went up the stairs with Jim.

He could tell Jim’s mom was thrilled to have them visit and Jim seemed happy too, so that satisfied Spock for the moment.

“Was it Harvest?” he asked politely.

Jim laughed. “Yeah. But Mom just has a small bit. Hardly anything. She can’t handle rows and rows of stuff. I’ll help her tomorrow.”

He stopped and walked into a bedroom. “This was Sam’s. Mom put on fresh sheets and cleaned it. But with the temperature drop, I think we’d better get you some warmer stuff. I don’t want to make you miserable.”

Jim’s sunny smile warmed him in ways the blanket would not, and Spock wanted to say so but it seemed so fanciful.

But Jim’s expression had turned quizzical. “Something on your mind, Spock?”

He didn’t want to lie so he hesitantly said, “Yes. But it can wait.”

“No. Go ahead. Tell me what’s up.”


“Jim.” He grinned. “You can’t call me captain in my old house.”

Spock had no clue why not but decided to argue was pointless. And the topic was rather irrelevant to what he wanted to say.

“Spock.” Jim moved closer, it seemed, and his blue eyes got softer still.

Somehow it made Spock bolder, more confident.

“I wished to come along to convey my interest in changing the parameters of our relationship.”

Jim stared intently at him. “You want to leave the Enterprise?”

Alarmed, Spock shook his head. “No. I…”

Jim leaned closer still. “I know. I’m joking. I want to change those parameters too.”

Spock gave him a look. “Jim.”

He laughed. Put his lips on Spock’s who returned the kiss eagerly.

“Um. With my mom though. You probably ought to keep to this bedroom.” He laughed again. “Damn.”

Spock kissed him. “There is time.”