Leonard knocked on the door of the apartment of someone he frankly didn’t care to see, but, well, here he was. If they put up the picture of the best best friend in the world on some kind of list, he was certain he’d be A Number One.

The door was opened and there stood his nemesis.

Okay, not really. But—


“Asshole.” Leonard sighed. “Okay, okay. Sorry. Spock. Look, I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me to be here, but…for Jim’s sake I am. He’s really really upset over your fight and I think…whatever it was about…you should seek him out and make things right.”

Spock straightened. “You assume it was my doing?”

“Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I know Jim can be challenging. But the truth of the matter is, who cares who was at fault or who said what or did what? Does any of that matter if you end up losing Jim? Because I have to tell you, Spock, you are in danger of that. Jim doesn’t trust or love easily. And once you lost that, it’s probably gone forever. So be the bigger one here, Spock. Go to Jim and fix this. You won’t be sorry if you do that, but you may be otherwise.”

Leonard left then, hoping that what he’d said to Spock would be good enough. He had a class to go to then.

Much later he returned to a dark dorm.

He called out, “Jim?”

Because ever since his fight with Spock, Jim had been moping around the place.  


Leonard spotted on the table a six-pack of beer, a pizza, and a plate with a donut. There was a note too.

With Spock. Thanks. We both owe you. ❤

Leonard smiled and reached for the pizza. Then went for the donut first.

Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Pexels.com