A continuation from Flash Fic September 04, 2020 (Who Does Spock Wake Up With?)

Jim rounds the corridor in the hospital in time to see Uhura step into Room 141. He tries not to bristle at the sight, but it’s a near thing. He clenches his fists as he continues down the corridor and to Spock’s room.

He hears the murmur of her voice as he approaches, but it is too low for him to make out the words she is saying to Jim’s boyfriend.

Jim was all too aware she wanted Spock to be hers. Had even considered Spock hers prior to Jim meeting Spock one night in a bar. Though he has never told Spock about it, she even confronted Jim a few days later to give him a piece of her mind about stealing her boyfriend.

Jim considers letting Spock have privacy with her for her visit and turning around to get coffee at the cafeteria. But Jim supposes he is just not that good a person and he steps into the room.

He is carrying the hot spiced tea Spock likes as well as a container of oatmeal Jim made himself for Spock’s breakfast, even though the hospital provides an “adequate” breakfast as Spock himself says.

“Good morning,” Jim calls out to alert them to his presence.

Uhura glances at him, eyes narrowed. “Morning.”

“Jim, you are earlier than I anticipated.”

Jim smiles and makes a big show of going over to Spock and leaning down to kiss him. Spock accepts the gentle kiss with enthusiasm.

“How are you feeling?”

Two days before Spock had slipped on a wet floor at the Academy and fallen down the stairs. Though he hadn’t broken anything, thankfully, he was battered and bruised and had a concussion. Though Spock had fought it, he was ordered to stay in this hospital for four days. This was his third and he would finally be released into Jim’s care tomorrow.

“Much improved,” Spock says. “I believe I could be discharged today.”

Jim shakes his head. “You aren’t the doctors. Here I brought you tea and oatmeal like you like it.” He sets the items on the tray before Spock and turns his attention back to Uhura. “So sweet of you to visit.”

“Well, that’s what friends do,” she replies. Uhura turns to Spock. “Looks like you’re in good hands, if I get a chance I’ll stop by late afternoon.”

“Thank you, Nyota.”

Spock watches her leave but Jim doesn’t bother. His focus has returned to Spock.

“Are you really okay?” He tries not to sound so needy and anxious but thinks he likely fails. He’d about had a heart attack when he had been alerted to Spock falling down the stairs.

Spock holds out his hand toward Jim, who gratefully takes it. “I am much improved, Ashaya.”

Spock has taken to calling him the endearment and Jim really likes it.

A lot.

He bites his lip.

“I knew a man once, a family friend,” he says. “He fell down the stairs and hit his head. Said he was fine, at first. But later he died. He had bleeding on the brain and didn’t get checked.”

“Ashaya, I have been checked. I will be fine.”


“I promise.” Spock lifts the cup of tea and removes the lid, taking a sip.

Jim sees the pleasure in Spock’s eyes he fails to hide. Spock is pleased Jim has learned his preferences. And Jim knows Spock has learned his. Even in the only month and a half they have been together.

Jim sits on the side of Spock’s bed, after releasing Spock’s hand so he can dig into the oatmeal.

“I sense some tension between you and Nyota,” Spock says after a bite or two of his breakfast.

“Hmm. She’s just sore she lost. And I won.”

Spock gives Jim that very slight smile he has come to love so much. And yeah Jim recognizes that word is there, in the equation.

“I was not aware I was a prize.”

Jim laughs. It feels good to laugh. Spock is here, with him, alive and going to be well.

Life is good. Better than he hoped for.

“Yeah, you kinda are, Spock. You kinda are.”      

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Since Autumn is officially here, I couldn’t resist using this picture. Autumn is my favorite season (even if holiday wise Christmas is my favorite).

I suspect you will see these two again in October.