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“Good God, it’s hot and muggy here.” Jim wiped his brow with the cooling cloth Bones had given him. Cooling cloth, his ass. It didn’t do a damn thing.

“Georgia in August, Jimmy. What did you expect when you agreed to come with me?”

Jim eyed the old house. “Central air. Please tell me you have that at least.”

Bones chortled. “Course it does.” Bones stopped just at the front door. “Listen, you sure you’re okay?”

“Sure. Almost as good as new.”

“I know. Physically, of course I know. But about Spock…”

“Hey, it’s fine. No problem. We don’t even have to mention old pointy ears.”

“We, uh, sure, but…”

“He’s the one who decided to go to New Vulcan for three weeks instead of spending time with me, so just…drop it.”

Bones pursed his lips. “If you say so.”

“I do. We’re spending the next few weeks having fun in the sun. Or you know in central air. Bars with air and tropical drinks. Pools. Waterfalls. Lovely ladies. Cute guys.”

“What about Spock?”

“Oh, will you leave it? It’s not like I’m going to…”

Bones opened the front door.

Jim stepped inside.

A Vulcan stood there with a quirked eyebrow.


Jim rushed at Spock throwing his arms around the Vulcan, who wrapped his arms around Jim and pulled him close.

“So much for fun,” Bones said.

“Bones, you devil. You set this up.”

“Ya think?” Bones made a grumpy face. “Happy anniversary or whatever.”

Jim released Spock and hugged Bones. “You old softie.”

“Yeah, yeah, about those drinks.”

Jim returned to Spock and kissed him.

“Old pointy ears?”


“Lovely ladies, Cute guys?”

“I’ll make it up to you. Blow job later?”

“I can hear you!” Bones yelled from the kitchen.

Jim laughed, grabbed Spock’s arm and led him toward the kitchen. “This is going to be great!”