“Father, I have returned home with the human, James Kirk,” Spock said to Sarek, who he had found in his study. “Which room am I to place him?”

Sarek shook his head. “He will not be staying here.”

“But I advised him that he would be.”

“You have advised incorrectly, Spock. James Kirk will be cared for by another family in Kir.”


“It has already been arranged.”

“Then unarranged it. I have advised him that he would and could stay with us.”


“Father, considering what he has been through, he cannot withstand such a disappointment. And I gave him my word. Surely you would not dispute that.”

Sarek sighed. “You are making this quite difficult. And your behavior is illogical. The family in Kir will be expecting him.”

“A small matter for you to explain. I will give him the room two doors down from mine and across from Michael.”

Sarek turned around. “Very well. You are dismissed.” Dismissed, perhaps. But victorious.