Decided to go with something a little different. This will likely be a letter Jim will write to his mother in part of a future chapter of Our So-Called Life. So this is a flashy snippet, if you will.

Dear Mama

I hope this correspondence finds you well.

I apologize for the tardiness of my reply. And for the rather formal tone of this message. I find that I am experiencing, perhaps, unwilling influence by the company I have been keeping of late.

In all seriousness and fairness, I am getting along well with Spock and his family here on Vulcan. All Vulcans have treated me fairly and kindly although impersonally in my interactions with them. I believe they find me…fascinating…in their own way. A bit of a curiosity.

It’s hot here. I mean really hot. But I am okay as long as I have my breathing shots and stuff like that. And my personal bedroom is kept cool to my liking. The food is rather bland for the most part, though Spock’s mother has made an occasional Earth treat for the two of us.

As for the school here, I am adapting well, and can keep up with my classmates admirably. That’s a direct quote from a certain someone. My days are filled with study and learning Vulcan. Apparently that is required of me.

My nights are spent playing chess, reading, and playing Earth board games with my hosts. I beat them every time. I swear I am not bragging.

It’s not as terrible as I thought it would be. But I am rather bored much of the time. They just don’t like to do much here. I once asked Spock if he’d like to go out and play catch with me. He looked at me quite perplexed and said, “Catch what?”

I have not tried since.

I will write more often. But for now, Spock’s mother is setting up Scrabble. She made Vulcan cookies. I have not yet found out if they are a bland form of cookies Vulcans enjoy or cookies shaped like Vulcans. Are you smiling? I will let you know.

Your son, Jim