“Spring is in the air,” Jim declared, as he walked beside Bones on the way to breakfast. They’d left their dorm about ten minutes ago.

“Spring is it?”

“Spring and love.”

Bones snorted. “I may throw up.”

“Well, maybe not love. But babies. Lots of babies. That’s what spring is known for.”

“What the hell, Jim. You’re even more annoying than usual. What got you on the sunny side of the bed this morning?”

“Well…” Jim stopped at the restaurant where they intended to have breakfast. “Bones, remember when I said I had the absolute best date last night?”

“Uh-Huh. You were kind of sappy and doey-eyed.”

Jim shoved his shoulder. “Shut up. The point is, everything went so incredibly perfect.”

“Yeah, yeah, you got laid.”

He laughed. “I did, yeah. And it was spectacular.”


“My date from last night is meeting us here.”

“Oh swell.”

“I wouldn’t have even come home except you and I had already planned breakfast together and well, he didn’t exactly want to let me go, entirely, so I…”

Bones frowned. “This better not be Gary Mitchell.”

“Uh. Nope.” Jim pushed open the door of the restaurant. He could see that his date was already there waiting at a table. And he stood when Jim and Bones entered. Jim grinned.

Bones followed his gaze. “Oh crap. Professor Spock?”

Spock had only eyes for Jim, Jim could see that and he didn’t mind. Not one bit. He met Spock’s outstretched hand, touching his fingers to Spock’s.

“Like I said, Bones…”

“Spring and love is in the air,” Bones said, sarcastically. “At least there won’t be any babies!”