Spock woke in a bed that was not his own. For a moment, he could not wrap his mind around it. Even before he fully opened his eyes, fully regained consciousness, the scent of the one he shared the bed with alerted him to the other occupant.


A flood of memories flashed before him, him on his stomach, fisting the sheets, his captain rising above him, pounding and pounding. His body releasing a powerful orgasm. Jim whispering endearing words.

At the moment, Jim still slept, though Spock’s leg was entwined with his. Spock stared at the back of Jim’s head, and as though Jim woke because of that, his captain suddenly stiffened, turned around in the bed and faced Spock for the first time since they’d become…lovers.


He put his hand on Jim’s heart, felt the increased beat. “Jim.”