A lot has happened this afternoon and it’s a little crazy.

Might delete the fic I just posted. We will see. I’m feeling weird. Not sick.

I didn’t mention it except today, but my niece was pregnant with her second baby. Last time the baby was born several weeks premature. Paige is fine now and two years old. Her mother had preeclampsia.

Her second baby was due in April, but she had the preeclampsia again. So when her blood pressure shot too high they took her in today.

Everything’s been crazy and I didn’t think to mention any of it until we found out she went in today. I thought it was kinda cool she would come on Kris’s birthday.

Anyway, she was born today as Audrey.

I had to get on WW by virtual meeting tonight and it was…interesting. But stressful. Because at the same time Los Angeles (where I work, not live) decided to take that moment to announce stricter guidelines that businesses must cease operations at least until April 19th. I now don’t know what that means for my job. I haven’t got my laptop yet, it’s just been ordered. So, it’s all a mess. Health Care operators are listed as exempted, but not sure if insurance applies.

Now I am stressed to the max, so…yeah.

Not going to allow comments here because I really don’t know what there is to say. Just..life is strange right now.

Take care of yourself and yours.

Be safe…