It’s been a while since we had a rambling due to the flashes taking over the blog, but I think that’s pretty cool actually.

I decided to do one today.

This past weekend we made the trip to Buena Park and Knott’s Berry Farm. Fun fact, they call it Knott’s Scary Farm for Halloween and Knott’s Merry Farm for Christmas. It’s got the Peanuts gang, Snoopy and Woodstock etc, so it’s cute. I got myself a stuffed Woodstock with a Santa hat on it because, yes, I am a dork. We also had mulled wine and cookie shots with a bit of Baileys. Anyway, it’s a fun place and we really enjoyed it. Here’s a picture of their giant tree.

December is fully scheduled for flashes except for the last Friday which will conclude At His Side for my Fall Guys. I intended for it to be done and scheduled too but the file I sent myself was corrupted.

But if you read this carefully you will know the fun did NOT stop after the 25 Days of Christmas flashes. But I wrote one from 26-31. Well minus the December 27th one I need to finish. They aren’t song-themed, but you get flashes!

In January, I will be working to update some neglected fics. The Wednesday and Friday flashes will return in February. Bright, shiny and new.

I’m pretty much done with my shopping, but have wrapped nothing. So this Saturday I hope to amend that. I am terrible at wrapping, not gonna lie, but I have fun with it. I shall drink and be merry while I am at it. Will be fun.

We are having cool weather for us. This morning at my house, with the wind chill it felt like 27. It’s even only supposed to get to about 57 on Christmas. It’s nice for us. Since we’ve had days of 80s at Christmas!

I think that’s about it for now. I am sure I will ramble some more.