And so another multiple part flash begins

This one starring our clueless Vulcan

“Do not be ridiculous, Nyota. I am most certainly not in love with the captain.”

Nyota smirked at Spock. “No?”

“Of course not. He is my friend and superior officer and that is it.”

They had been approaching her quarters when she had made the suggestion that he viewed their captain with a lot more than just friendly affection. They stepped inside, Spock glad they were no longer in the corridor where anyone could hear them.

“You two are practically joined at the hip. He can’t stop touching you and you let him. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”

Spock paused as he took a seat on the sofa in her room. “Does that bother you?”

“No.” She went to her wardrobe. “I mean sure it did a little when we were still together, but honestly, that was part of why I ended our romantic relationship.” She unzipped her dress.

“You did not tell me this.”

“Spock, at the time I was dealing with the end of our love. Well, that kind of love. If you couldn’t figure out it was Kirk you loved, why should I tell you?” Nyota slipped out of her uniform dress and pulled on a robe, which she tied at the waist. “But now it’s been months, Spock, and you still haven’t faced the truth.”

Spock thought about his interactions with the captain. He did look upon Jim with a great deal of affection, but surely it was just as a…a friend.

“Do you remember how jealous you got at that bar on Fenrah 2? You actually put yourself between Kirk and that woman.”

“Her intentions were questionable in nature and as first officer—”

“She just wanted to fuck him, Spock.”

“It was my duty to protect him from harm.”

“Honey, you are a very logical being. Think about it. Think deep. Your wanting to protect him from paramours has nothing to do with your duty. You want him for yourself and you hate the idea of anyone else with him.”

Spock opened his mouth, closed it. Was it true? His counterpart had implied he was close with his captain, but he had never said…of course he was quite tight-lipped. And Spock had been with Nyota. There had been no reason to believe their timeline would necessarily mirror the ambassador’s.

“You’re always defending him to others, too. And Spock, you aren’t at all comfortable with anyone else touching you except him.” She sat beside him and smiled. “And me, of course. But I’m your former lover and he’s the one you want now. It makes sense.”

Spock swallowed heavily. “How do I…but he does not…”

Nyota laughed.  “Oh yes he does. Trust me. He’s crazy about you.”

“I do not know how to have that conversation.”

“You’ll find a way, Spock.”