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Please bear with me as I work on the conclusion of Bitter Frost. I am not sure when I will post the next chapter. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow. It will depend on how much I can get done on it.

I had some days off from work so I am a bit swamped right now, though I do intend to write at lunch.

I am fasting today so I am grumpy!

Once Bitter Frost is finished (I have it listed as 3 more chapters but if I can get it done in 2, I will), I will probably update The Swap, before moving on to The Ties That Bind. But that is in the distant future right at the moment.

Coming up this Saturday is Aria’s 4th birthday party (friend’s grand niece), so we will be going to that. I am very underthrilled, but you do what you have to do, I guess.

It’s warm today. I mean seriously warm. Like 90. Sigh. Guess our cold weather and rain is done now. Supposed to be hit by severe wind tomorrow too.

No movie this week or next but after that I should get back into it. I have lots to watch at home, so it’s fine.