The Flash is done (very short, I am afraid) and scheduled.

Best Friends is done. And yay. Part 2 will debut in the coming months.

As I looked at my spreadsheet of concluded stories, I saw that I am up to 135 completed. This makes me very happy, because it means I have way more done than hanging out there. So go me!

This is going to be an emotionally challenging week for me as M leaves for his visit to his aunt’s Friday morning. It’s for a week and I’ll survive, but you know. I am like a weepy Jim over parting with Spock.

Next up I hope is the update for Bitter Frost. I am looking to get that one done soon as it’s time to get the ball rolling on the conclusion and Spock being reunited with his captain. Then um, likely The Swap, Transfer Request and Maybe, Probably.

Sunday night we had dinner with the cousin at Corner Bakery. Was nice enough to sit outside.

In the continuing saga for my purchase with Paramount Movies, I was able to transfer the digital copies of all three to VuDu and Fandango. Fine. Of course I have hard copies of all three, so woopiefuckingdo. But I had also purchased digital Bonus Features for all three movies. This has disappeared off the face of the earth. Not on Vudu, not on Fandango. Ultraviolet does not list them. Only place that does is Paramount. I have now emailed them twice. Nothing. Emailed Ultraviolet. Expect to hear nothing. Basically I am being screwed out of stuff I paid for. It sucks. Paramount is EVIL.