Today I plan on working on the final part of Revealing so I have plenty of time to have it done for Friday. I’ll work on it until it is done.

After that, I should be working on Hello Darkness and Nine Lives. I’ll be honest, I want to delete Hello Darkness and forget finishing it. I am struggling against doing it, but yeah. Not really sure what and why I am writing it or doing with it and it has gone in a direction I didn’t really want to take it. So…meh. Anyway I will update what I can for sure.

Anyway, this week…is another full week at work. It’s supposed to be warmish too. Sorry all your snowy, cold people. Tuesday I am going to see Bohemian Rhapsody because I have been putting it off for weeks, ha ha, and I finally agreed to go because M wants to see it. Friday we are going out with the cousin for Mexican food, and Saturday the 2nd is my great niece’s (Paige) first birthday party. Lots of plans, lots.

So, yeah. Hopefully I can find some normalcy there. You know I don’t do well without some sense of normalcy.

So anyway, today’s picture is from an awards show on Sunday. At least I don’t have to go to those! HA