As we close out 2018, I wanted to go over what my personal favorites of my own stories WRITTEN in 2018 are. This means I am not counting stories begun in prior years. Eventually I intend to do a full list of my personal favorites of ALL my stories, but right now since we are closing out 2018, I am going with just those.

I know this particular picture is a favorite so even though it’s not QUITE New Year’s I figured I would use it.

  1. The Mysterious One – this is probably my favorite that I started in 2018. I absolutely love this mysterious Jim and his brother/side-kick McCoy who is part Bones/part Judge Dredd (my apologies for those who have not see Karl’s Judge Dredd movie but he’s a big time badass)
  2. The Experiment – I love me some Cadet Kirk/Professor Spock stories and this is my current favorite. Might be my all time favorite of this trope but that remains to be seen
  3. Bitter Frost – This one is as AU as you get since Jim is but isn’t Jim but I love this Jim that is based on the character CP plays in The Finest Hours
  4. Knight to Queen’s Bishop 3 and Pawn to Queen’s Knight 4- I think of these together and they also feature my Cadet/Professor Trope
  5. Sleeping Beauty – my favorite fairy tale starring my favorite couple
  6. Stay – Cadet/Professor Trope, Spock must leave to serve with Captain Pike
  7. How to Seduce Your First Officer – the infamous my hotel burned down Jim story
  8. Nine Lives – Cats and Spock, so yeah
  9. False Memories – Jim wakes up believing Spock cheated on him
  10. The Rain – Cadet Kirk proposes to Professor Spock in the rain
  11. The Hike – Jim and Spock stuck together in a cave
  12. Seriously – Five times Jim says Seriously
  13. Idiots in Love – Professor/Cadet, Jim thinks he can’t get his relationship right
  14. That Glorious Song of Old – holiday romance
  15. The Ties That Bind – Complicated family issues
  16. Hello Darkness, My Old Friend – Jim quits Starfleet Academy
  17. My Heart’s a Virgin, It’s Never Been Tried – Older Spock and Kirk just getting together
  18. Trashing the Tree – Holiday Professor/Cadet
  19. When I Loved You – My aliens abducted the boys story
  20. Would You Rather – trapped together again, they confess their love
  21. All I Ever Wanted – Jim is the only one Spock ever wanted for himself, truly, and Jim doesn’t remember him
  22. His Heart Remained Cold – Jim and Spock are separated and Spock returns on New Year’s
  23. A Beginning – my OMS story for this year
  24. The Apology – Jim apologizes to Spock for confessing feelings
  25. The Kirk Curse – Spock forgets Jim
  26. Sleeping with Spock – Jim likes to sleep with Spock
  27. Lost in the Palace – shh, this was tentacle sex and written anonymously but uh, yeah, I still like it
  28. The Love Confession – Jim confesses his feelings, again! HA
  29. Relieved and Compromised – Both have bad days
  30. The Sight – Jim sees the future and is uncertain what it all means (yes I am stalled on this)
  31. Autumn in Harmony – Trilogy needed to be concluded with Jim finally bonding with Spock
  32. Tricks, Vulcan Flowers, and On the Edge Again – very short stories
  33. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You – they aren’t together here by the end, so yeah, they need to be
  34. There is no 34th thing

So that’s it. I probably forgot something but this is what I could remember that I started in 2018. It’s hard to figure it out on AO3 but I did the best I could. I did not count my one-shot collection or the stories that have only been posted on the blog so far.