This week I posted a one-shot, The Kirk Curse. I really wanted to make it a multi-chapter fic, but alas, I did not.

I also finished Idiots in Love. Go me! I only had this one going for three months, so that’s a huge win that I was able to finish it.

I also updated An Autumn in Harmony, Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, and Bitter Frost. A very successful week.

Next week you can expect another chapter of Where Do People Like Us Float, The Experiment, The Mysterious One, and Nine Lives.

This weekend I plan to chill again. Watch some of those movies I mentioned, have some cozy time with M, do some necessary food shopping, etc.

Unfortunately it’s supposed to get windy on Monday which is never good and the temps are going up with it a little. Ugh. I’m still promised cool nights according to the weather so that’s a plus.

I got some more Christmas decorations. I ordered from Hallmark. A gift for a friend. And also, a new Heat Miser Ornament (he’s standing on a stove), a Link from Zelda ornament, the Naked Time Star Trek Ornament, the Tricorder ornament, a metal Enterprise ornament, a tiny teapot ornament for my sister-in-law, a tiny bird ornament (we get the new one every year), Aladdin’s lamp ornament, um, and I think that’t it. It should be! Damn,

Oh and I ordered a new crystal elf from Swarovski.  And a gingerbread house from there too but that’s for the sister who is paying for that.

So, yes. I do need to stop. Yes.