You may have noticed my lack of updates on my OMS story here better known as The Love of a Lifetime. I plan to get back to it soon but there is no denying my current mood is unmotivated.

Got off work early today at 1:00. Our department is very cool about this. We only have to work a six hour day before  major holidays but sill get paid for 8. A small and appreciated perk.

The other day at the grocery store they had a display of my favorite cereal already!


I didn’t get any though. I can’t eat the same things I usually eat these days but I may give in at some point. We will see.

I think next up to update is Nine Lives. Look for major developments in that one. After that update, I am not sure what I’m going to do.

I have an extra long weekend though I think I have plans on both Saturday and Sunday.

I’m glad to see September and will be even more so when Autumn officially starts later in the month. I love autumn. Decorations, foods, tea, holidays (Halloween and TG). I should have been born in Fall but I was not.

I’ve made no particular decisions about my internet presence.