This weekend we are having a heatwave on Vulcan. Wish us luck that we survive it. Hopefully I will still be alive by the time you read this after it posts, LOL.

I finished How to Seduce Your First Officer. As I said I would. Didn’t want another WIP. There was a scene for it I had intended to write but it just wasn’t working for that story so I hope to add it to When I Loved You, when the time is right. So stay tuned for that.

For updates, I have Young and Beautiful and All I Ever Wanted coming up. I think given the heat though I want to work on my Christmas story (oh the irony) so I likely won’t start the updates of those stories until the work week starts. This means no updates for me for the weekend and possibly Monday. We will see. The Sight comes up after that. I’ve also started to think about the next chapter of Nine Lives.

So in August, besides our weekend in Solvang, we have now planned a weekend in San Diego with friends (frienemies) the weekend of August 18-20. We’re staying at the Handlery there and will be going to the zoo and wild life park. These places in San Diego are world famous and among the best zoos in the world. During the summer the zoo has zoo nights until Labor Day, which is apparently why we are going at this time when it will likely be a million degrees. Love the zoos but ugh the heat.

This week coming up we will finally see The Incredibles 2. Then next week will be the dinos. After that Mission Impossible and Skyscraper. Not sure if there’s anything after that we want to see. Hotel Transylvania 3 probably. But Mama Mia 2? Um, no thanks.