Jim bit his lip and slowly nodded. “Okay. For now. But it’s not over, Spock.”

Spock said nothing to that. He would not be swayed. Giving up on his bondmate would not be something he would ever do and this was a fight he would win.

“Another donut and more tea or are you ready for bed?”


Spock assisted Jim in standing as he stood up from the table and walked with him to their bedroom.

“Do you want a shower tonight or in the morning?”

“Morning is fine. Too sleepy.”

Spock helped Jim into the Vulcan sleeping robe he had decided about ten years ago was preferable to his pajamas, then put on his own before joining Jim in their bed.

Spock reached out for Jim’s hand, felt the familiar, welcome warmth. “Goodnight, ashaya.”

“Goodnight, sweetheart.”