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The Love of a Lifetime, continuing story

I’m losing my mind.

It’s strange knowing. Sometimes I know. I think. Other times I think whatever I am thinking is normal, even when on some level I maybe know it is not. Spock says I get worse as the sun goes down. Sun Downers. And worse when I am alone. This means Spock is either trapped to constantly stay with me or he has to get me a “baby sitter”.

I try to convince him to put me in some sort of facility where he will no longer be so burdened with me. But if one thing has remained the same, it is that Spock remains very stubborn.

We will not be separated.

So he says. And so we will not be. Until I unburden him with my death. Whenever that is.

Old Married Spirk, Continues 07/06/2018

I need a title for this story. I am open for suggestions. 

It was entirely possible they could not help his mate, but it was the first positive news Spock had received in a long time. If Jim could be helped, Spock wanted this more than he wanted his next breath.

“Sit at the table, ashal-veh, and I will bring you coffee.”

Jim smiled. “It smells really good.” He sat before the plate of food Spock had put down in front of his seat with the hash browns and biscuits and gravy.

Spock put his prepared coffee down and his tea and sat beside his t’hy’la.

“Jim, when Suvoc comes he has something he wishes to discuss with you.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. Do you know what it is?”


“I’m not going to like it, am I?” Jim asked suspiciously.

“I hope that you will keep an open mind, ashayam.”

“Uh-huh. I know I am in trouble when you start dropping endearments after every sentence you say to me.”


His mate sighed. “I’ll listen.”

Spock picked Jim’s left hand up and kissed the fingers. “Thank you. How is your breakfast?”

“Yummy.” Jim grinned.

Spock allowed his own lips to form a smile. “Mine too.” He didn’t know if the healers Suvoc spoke of could really help Jim, and if they did not, Spock would remain devoted to Jim, but he had just the beginnings of hope. For now it was enough.

Old Married Spirk Continuation

Jim stayed very close to Spock as they went to the small restaurant and ordered their usual favorites. Biscuits and gravy as well as hash browns for Jim and a vegetable frittata with fruit for Spock. They’d been going there for years. Back when Jim was still an active admiral.

Spock was aware he had it much better with his beloved than his counterpart had. The Ambassador’s t’hy’la had been lost to him when Jim was only in his sixties. Spock’s beloved was now in his seventies and their years together were amazing.

He hoped to have many years still to come with Jim. With Khan’s blood, it was possible. His only regret was the deterioration of Jim’s mind. But the Vulcan healers wished to try something for Jim that they thought might help, according to their son, so Suvoc was going to come and help convince Jim to go to New Vulcan to be evaluated. Jim could still be incredibly obstinate, perhaps more so with his lapses.

100 Words Continuation, June 26 2018

When Spock next opened his eyes, he was alone in bed.

“Jim?” he questioned loudly. He listened for the sound of the shower. There was nothing.

It was rare these days that his husband rose before him. In the first days of their bond, Jim’s sleep was often interrupted and he’d be up before Spock.

He could hear nothing from the other parts of the apartment.

Throwing back the covers, Spock rose from the bed, already running to the living room and kitchen.

“Jim! Jim!”

The apartment was empty.

Spock’s heart began to pound in panic.

He hurried back to the bedroom to change to go look for Jim. His fear increased when he spotted Jim’s communication device on the table by their bed.

“T’hy’la, where are you?”

100 Words Continuation, June 19, 2018


Jim bit his lip and slowly nodded. “Okay. For now. But it’s not over, Spock.”

Spock said nothing to that. He would not be swayed. Giving up on his bondmate would not be something he would ever do and this was a fight he would win.

“Another donut and more tea or are you ready for bed?”


Spock assisted Jim in standing as he stood up from the table and walked with him to their bedroom.

“Do you want a shower tonight or in the morning?”

“Morning is fine. Too sleepy.”

Spock helped Jim into the Vulcan sleeping robe he had decided about ten years ago was preferable to his pajamas, then put on his own before joining Jim in their bed.

Spock reached out for Jim’s hand, felt the familiar, welcome warmth. “Goodnight, ashaya.”

“Goodnight, sweetheart.”

100 Words Continuation, June 15, 2018

Jim licked his lips, catching powdered sugar as he did so. “No, it isn’t. Spock, you, you’re everything. And you…deserve better.

“There is no one better. And we will not discuss this. Not again.”

“But I’m not getting better. I’m getting worse. You need to put me in a—”

Spock slammed his hand down on the table hard enough to make Jim flinch. “We will not discuss this!”

Jim sighed wearily. “We can’t keep ignoring this, sweetheart.”

“You are my husband and my bondmate. We will never be separated, Jim.”

“You didn’t bargain for this.”

“Neither did you.” Spock took Jim’s hand again. “Please, let us not fight about this.”

100 Words Continuation, June 12, 2018

Jim narrowed his eyes and moved his hand away. “I know that, Spock. I’m not stupid.”

“Jim, I never intended to imply that you are stupid.” Spock was suddenly feeling very weary.

“I just meant that we could go to his grave or something, that’s all.” Jim lowered his gaze. He pushed away the bowl of cream of wheat. “Not hungry.”

“Would you like to have the donut?”

Jim looked up hopefully. “Could I?”

“Yes.” Spock rose and went to the cabinet to get the powdered donut package. He brought it to Jim.

“I’m sorry,” Jim said softly.

“I know. It is fine, ashaya.”

100 Words Continuation, June 05, 2018

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Recently, Suvoc had contacted Spock about coming for a visit and Spock had wondered if it would be a good idea. Perhaps he should mention it to Jim.



“Suvoc has indicated a desire to come for a visit.”

For a moment, Jim looked confused and Spock’s heart sank.

“Our son,” he said quietly.

“I know,” Jim said defensively. “He…doesn’t he live with us?”

“No, ashaya. He moved out, remember?”

“Oh. Yeah.” But he said it in such a way that Spock did not know if he remembered or just said what Spock wanted to hear. “Good. He should. I would like to see him.”

100 Words, Continuation, May 29, 2018


That didn’t seem to make any difference to Jim because he looked sadder still.

“You should be able to go out with your friends, Spock,” he said somewhat snappishly.

“Come, sit at the table and I will make us tea,” Spock said in an effort to distract him.

Jim allowed Spock to lead him to their table and gently push him down into a chair. He grasped Jim’s hands in his.

“Your hands are cold. I will get the warmers.”

Spock went over to the kitchen drawer and removed the handwarmers. He quickly heated them in the microwave and brought them to Jim, helping to pull them over Jim’s somewhat gnarled hands. The heat would prevent them from becoming too painful.

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