Winona looked up from the bowl she was mixing pancakes in surprise. “Jim?”

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Oh my God! Jim!” She ran at him, throwing her arms around him. She started crying, because she simply could not help it. She had no idea he was going to show up. And here he was, her beautiful son. “How? I thought—”

“We got some leave when we were near Earth.”

She squeezed him. “I can’t believe it. And in Riverside.” She started crying harder.

“Hey.” He pulled back and gave her a quizzical smile. “I thought you’d be happy.”

“I am!” She wiped her eyes. “How long can you stay?”

“Just three days.”

She put her hands to her heart. “Three whole days?” She hugged him again. “You want some pancakes?”

Jim laughed. “Yeah, I’ll have some. But maybe I should make them for you.”

“Don’t be silly.” Then for the first time she noticed Jim’s first officer was standing just inside the side door. She’d never met him, though she knew who he was of course.  “Oh.”

Jim turned to Spock with a smile and held out his hand toward him. “Mom, this is Spock. My husband.”

Winona’s eyes widened and she gasped. “Husband!”


Spock stepped forward holding Jim’s hand. “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Her heart bursting, Winona smiled. “Pancakes for all of us, then.”

It was a good day. The best.