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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Flash, May 08, 2022

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It was evening now and Winona was trying not to be disappointed she hadn’t heard from Jim. That morning she’d gotten a message from Sam, his wife, Aurelan, and their son, Peter from Deneva where they were living.

But not a word from her baby.

She knew he was in space on a starship likely out of contact with Earth, but it was Mother’s Day and she was missing him.

So she took out a pint of strawberry swirl ice cream and she ate directly from the carton.

She  didn’t get to hear from Jim often. He was an important captain in Starfleet, sent on many missions to save millions of lives. He’d called her on her birthday and before that on his. She never heard from him at holiday time.

Winona thought she should be used to it but she wasn’t really. And it had been even longer since she’d seen him in person. He’d been in a hospital in San Francisco after receiving some injury he wouldn’t give her details about. She’d heard the name Khan whispered by that doctor friend of his. And saw his Vulcan first officer standing sentinel by his side. She didn’t really know anything else.

But she’d gotten to hold him for a full ten minutes.

The door bell rang as she was about to finish off her ice cream and she went to the door slowly. She guessed she was getting a flower delivery, probably courtesy of Jim. He’d asked someone to ask someone to ask someone to get flowers to her.

It was something, anyway, though she would rather hear his voice.

There was a knock this time as she reached for the knob.

“Okay, Okay. Keep your shirt on.”

Winona opened the door and there he was.

Her baby.

She burst into tears as he pulled her close and held her.

The best Mother’s Day ever.

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Happy Mother’s Day out there in the US. It’s a sad day for me. We lost Ma a year ago in May (21) and last year was the last Mother’s Day with her, though in all honesty she wasn’t very alert even then.

I thought I’d write this little extra flash.  

Just a Very Short Mother’s Day Flash

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“You don’t have to go with me. It’s okay.”

Jim meant it too. He knew that even now, after all these years, Spock acutely felt the loss of his mother. His one champion when no one else was for so long.

“I know that I do not, Jim, but I am going anyway.”

Jim smiled faintly. “Are you sure? I’ll understand. So will Mom.”

For a moment Spock looked away, looking Jim didn’t know where. Into the recesses of his mind, Jim supposed. Jim squeezed Spock’s hand.

They stood outside Jim’s mother’s retirement facility. Jim and his mother had made the decision for her to enter one of those places last year. They’d let the farm go to pay for it. It was one of those places where his mom had her own little apartment, and there was a restaurant and activities. It was at that restaurant where Jim planned to have brunch with her.

Spock gazed back at Jim. “I will always be at your side, you need not fear.”

“I know. But this is different.”

“No, it is not. I am glad we are able to be with your mother today. Because not everyone can be with theirs.”

Jim squeezed Spock’s hand again. “All right then. Let’s go, honey.”

And when they went inside, his mom’s eyes lit up at the sight of them.

Jim went to her, hugged and kissed her.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”    

Flash Fic 05/07/2020

Surprise! Wasn’t really going to do a Mother’s Day post because I have Eveninstar’s birthday fic scheduled that day. But decided, we could all use a little extra Spirk and though it’s a few days early, here it is…

Jim knew didn’t understand at all his desire to visit Spock’s mother with him. At first, he had flat out vocalized his opposition. Although perhaps opposition wasn’t entirely accurate.

“My mother has never expressed an interest or desire in celebrating any such occasion.”

“I’m guessing she wouldn’t be blatant about it, Spock.”

“She accepted life on Vulcan and all that comes with it when she chose to marry my father.”

“Yeah. I know. But I think this will be nice.”

Spock didn’t sigh, but it was an almost thing.

Since they had plans to visit Vulcan and Spock’s parents anyway, Jim had decided this would be a very good time for it.

So, he had carefully packed for it, including wrapped presents for Spock’s mother. He was aware his bondmate thought it all completely illogical and the consideration of it even without merit.

But Jim was having none of it.

Sarek and Amanda greeted them in their home. Sarek, stoically, of course, Amanda les so.

After they were settled into the room where they would be staying for the next couple of weeks, Jim went into his suitcase for the presents he had brought.

Spock looked over his shoulder. “You wasted the effort, Jim.”

He smiled. “We’ll see.”

They made their way back out to the living room area where they were going to sit and have refreshments and “get caught up” as Amanda put it.

Amanda was seated in what she had earlier told Jim was her favorite chair. She smiled when he and Spock came out and joined them.

“Oh. What do you have there, Jim?” she asked, her curiosity showing.

“Well. Actually, Amanda, they’re for you.”

“For me?”

“Since my own mother has passed on, I thought it would be appropriate and nice to honor you for Mother’s Day.”

Her eyes widened slightly. “It is Mother’s Day, isn’t it? How lovely.”

Jim handed the two wrapped packages to her.

Amanda laughed. “I can’t remember the last time I had presents.”

Jim noticed the stiffening in Spock’s shoulders and Sarek’s pursed lips. He ignored both of them and sat by Amanda to watch her open the gifts.

The first was a simple box of chocolates, but she seemed very pleased and glanced at her husband.

“You stay away from my chocolates, husband.”

Sarek humphed which made her laugh.

Then she opened the second and took out a cloisonné bangle bracelet. She gasped. “Oh, Jim, it’s just beautiful.”

He smiled and glanced toward Spock. “It’s from both of us, of course.”

She smiled, sharing a look with him. “Of course. Thank you both so much. This was an absolute wonderful surprise. I feel incredibly spoiled.


As they prepared for bed.


“Yes, Spock?”

“You were, perhaps, right and I was, perhaps, wrong.” “It’s okay, Spock, it does happen once in a while.”  

Just a Little Mother’s Day short



Winona looked up from the bowl she was mixing pancakes in surprise. “Jim?”

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Oh my God! Jim!” She ran at him, throwing her arms around him. She started crying, because she simply could not help it. She had no idea he was going to show up. And here he was, her beautiful son. “How? I thought—”

“We got some leave when we were near Earth.”

She squeezed him. “I can’t believe it. And in Riverside.” She started crying harder.

“Hey.” He pulled back and gave her a quizzical smile. “I thought you’d be happy.”

“I am!” She wiped her eyes. “How long can you stay?”

“Just three days.”

She put her hands to her heart. “Three whole days?” She hugged him again. “You want some pancakes?”

Jim laughed. “Yeah, I’ll have some. But maybe I should make them for you.”

“Don’t be silly.” Then for the first time she noticed Jim’s first officer was standing just inside the side door. She’d never met him, though she knew who he was of course.  “Oh.”

Jim turned to Spock with a smile and held out his hand toward him. “Mom, this is Spock. My husband.”

Winona’s eyes widened and she gasped. “Husband!”


Spock stepped forward holding Jim’s hand. “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Her heart bursting, Winona smiled. “Pancakes for all of us, then.”

It was a good day. The best.

End of Weekish Ramblings, 05/10/2018

You get a very very very pretty Chris Picture today!


Last rambling update for the week, I promise!

Got The Experiment update done and up. I am a little insanely in love with this Jim. Chapter update was almost 3,000 words. Go me!

I thought I might have to wait to post an update to My Devotion but I am moving right along with writing it so I anticipate getting it up tomorrow. Just hit the 60,000 word mark which is super exciting for someone who is not a long writer like me! This one might surpass Going Boldly as my longest.

Tomorrow is the next part of my 100 Words story here on the blog.

Sunday is a Mother’s Day BBQ here for us. Saturday I expect to chill but I may do some work on the holiday story just to keep plugging along with it. Hard to believe it’s approaching the middle of May already. It will be summer before you know it. We’re dropping down into the 70s for the next week or so which is extremely welcome May weather for us.

Thank you for those of you who continue to support my stories by reading them. I wouldn’t be doing it anymore, probably, if it wasn’t for you, and I thank you most sincerely.


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