Okay, well.

I had actually planned on having a little hiatus on here but the 100 Words Story I posted the first part of yesterday would not go away so I changed my mind. I honestly don’t think it will be as long as the last one but we shall see.

Yesterday I updated both Nine Lives and Unbonded. I actually planned on only updating Unbonded but then I managed to get Nine Lives done first. I could have waited to post Unbonded today but what the hell. It was done and those following it shouldn’t have to wait. I think I have about three chapters left on that story. Especially since after Tuesday’s update to it, they are, indeed, BONDED. LOL.

I am plugging right along. Next update will be The Experiment, but I will probably not get that up until sometime Thursday, I think. My Devotion comes after that but with Mother’s Day this weekend and family obligations that will get pushed to next week for sure. Following that is What Happened to Spock. And probably another Nine Lives Chapter. These are some intense stories so 2-3 updates a week is about all I can handle. I am trying to keep up with as much as I can though these days, so thank you for all your support and continuing to read.