This is most definitely more than 100 words, but here is the conclusion of The Love Confession as I have titled it.



“Should probably clean up,” Jim murmured lazily.

“Later. We can shower together.”

He smiled. “Love the sound of that. Bones is right.”

“I find that hard to process. About what?”

“I really am an idiot.”

“Perhaps,” Spock acknowledged. “But you are my idiot.”

“Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“If you had allow me to speak—”

“Yeah, I know. But it was taking you a long time and I—”

“You are doing it again. I can hardly get a word in.”

“Well.” Jim huffed a laugh. “Anyway. I meant what I said.”

“Which part?”

Jim sighed. “You know.”

“I do not. You will have to tell me.”

“I love you,” Jim mumbled.

“What? I cannot hear you.”

“You have superior hearing. You can hear me!”

“What did you say, Jim?”

Jim was pretty sure Spock was laughing at him.

“I’m in love with you.”

Okay it still hurt a little somewhere deep inside to say it. Your name wasn’t Jim Kirk if you gave your love so freely. It hurt deep. You felt deeper.

Spock turned him in his arms and leaned over Jim as he fastened his lips to Jim’s. “And you are my life.”

Jim eyed him. “Does that mean you love me or not?”

Spock nodded.

“You will have to tell me,” Jim returned.

Spock’s lips quirked. “I am most emphatically—”

“Emphatically is a good word.” Jim grinned. “Maybe you should use that word every time you—”


“Does that mean love?”

“It most certainly does not.”

Jim rubbed his thumb across Spock’s bottom lip. “You’ve made me the happiest of men.”

“You have made me happy as well.”

“Yeah? Because making a Vulcan happy is quite a feat, you know.”

“Indeed. And in case it was not clear before—”

“Oh it was clear.”

Spock sighed. He actually sighed. “I love you.”

Jim opened his mouth and Spock put his hand over it.

“No more. You try my patience.” Spock released him and then stood, pulling Jim up with him. “Shower.”

Jim nodded and put his arms around Spock’s neck. “Best day ever.”

Spock closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Jim’s. “And more best days to come.”