Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (US). Mine was lovely but warm as hell (literally)

My time off of work is over, unfortunately, which makes me sad! Grrr

I did do decorating over the weekend and started the holiday movie watching with Miracle on the 34th Street.

Everything currently takes  a backseat to my holiday stories. Once I get my second holiday story finished I will attempt to get back to regularly updating. But right now that’s what is going to happen. We can’t drive Ivan insane.

When I do get back to updating I may go out of order and deal with one or two that are very close to being concluded. We will see.

My next day off in in December (19) to go the Universal Studios with the sister. And then of course Christmas and New Years. Don’t have any extra days around then, unfortunately.

This week I am seeing The Man Who Invented Christmas.