My prompt this week as a Harvest Festival and rather than wait, I decided to go ahead and post it! 

“Here, let’s check these out,” Nyota said to Spock as they approached the next stall of what had been billed by the locals as a “Harvest Festival”.

Spock had been forced to cover up his ears with a rather uncomfortably snug and hot wool hat. The information had been that this particular planet was similar to Earth in the 21st Century. And they did not at all know Vulcans.

They had to be careful, of course, due to the Prime Directive.

“I should have stayed on the ship,” Spock said quietly to Nyota.

“Jim’s down here. Do you honestly think you would want to stay up there while he’s possibly in danger here?”

His lips thinned. “No. And in fact he is past the time he was to rendezvous with us.”

“Only a few minutes. And Leonard is with him. He won’t let anything happen.” Nyota tugged on his arm. “Here, you should buy something for him.”

“Doctor McCoy?”

“No. Jim.”


“Because he is your boyfriend now, of course. You should be wooing him with gifts.”

“Since he is already my boyfriend why do I need to continue to woo him?”

Nyota sighed. “This is one of the many reasons we broke up, Spock. It’s just to show him you’re thinking about him.” She stopped by a display of caramel apples. “Here. Apples. Jim likes apples.”

Spock looked at them. “Yes, he does.”

“And I bet he likes caramel. He’s got a sweet tooth. Oh look at this one.” She read the tag. “Enrobed in caramel and then sprinkled generously with toffee bits.”

“What are toffee bits?”

“Some kind of candy.” She smiled at the person behind the stall. “We’ll take this one.”

The person rung up the purchase all the while giving Spock an odd look. And who could blame her. It was hot and windy and he was wearing a winter hat as well as a heavy cape.

As they moved on, Nyota pointed out what she called a Cornucopia. “You should get this for him too.”

“For what purpose?”

“He can display it on one of the shelves in his quarters. Look how cool that is.” She held it up.

Spock shook his head. “Jim does not display anything on his shelves but books.”

“Now is the time for him to start.”

“I do not think so.”

Nyota sighed and moved away to stand at the end of the street, shielding her eyes from the sun. “Here he comes now. Hide the apple.”


“To give it to him in private.” She shoved it into the pocket of the brown cape he wore.

Spock watched Jim carefully as he and the doctor approached them. He saw no signs of injury.

“Hey. Has Thompson returned?”

“Yes, sir, he’s over on the other side of the festival,” Nyota replied.

“Great. We’re done here. So—”

“I haven’t gotten to check out this thing,” McCoy announced.


“Fifteen minutes…tops. Come on, Uhura, lead the way.”

Spock watched as the doctor and Nyota walked away to look at the displays. Jim watched them with bemusement.

“Never thought he’d care about some old festival.”

“Did they have these in Iowa, Captain?”

“Oh sure. They always had Harvest Festivals. Winter Festivals, too, actually.” Jim moved closer to him. “So, Mister Spock…wait. What’s this?” He was pocking at the apple in Spock’s cape pocket.

“It is for you,” Spock admitted.

Jim smiled. “Yeah? What is it?”

For some reason Spock found himself blushing. He was not used to presenting gifts to Jim. And judging by the smile on Jim’s face, perhaps he should be. He took out the wrapped apple and handed it to Jim.

“Wow,” Jim said as he stared at it. “This looks sooo good.”

“You are pleased then?”

“Of course I am. Can’t wait to bite it.” Jim leaned in and pecked Spock very softly on the lips. It was quick and over before Spock knew it. “Thank you.”

Perhaps Nyota had been correct after all.

“You are welcome, Jim. Do you know what a cornucopia is?”

Jim gave him a puzzled look. “Yeah.”

“Come, let me show you one right over there.”