Three months until Christmas! HA

This weekend I added a new elf to my collection of Christmas elves. Yes, there was a store that had already opened that had Christmas stuff and where I have gotten elves before. Likely he’s the only one I will get this year since I have all the others and my collection is over twenty of them now.

Here is the latest.




I watched both episodes of Star Trek Discovery. I thought the story line was intriguing and it kept my attention for both episodes and I will continue to watch.

I thought the acting needed help. Most of it was pretty cheesy frankly. I hope it improves as the series continues. I found that with the show, Grimm. When I saw the first couple of episodes I was like…hmm. Acting is bad. But by the time the series finished 6 years later, I thought they were all great.

I am not sure how I feel about Michael being someone Sarek raised. Since this is supposed to take place some ten years before the events of Kirk and Spock, I imagine Amanda would be involved in there somewhere as well.  I understand both arguments to adding her in that capacity but I am not sure I agree with changing something “sacred” in Star Trek. On the other hand, it wasn’t until the movies that we even knew Sybok existed, so I guess Spock is pretty closed mouth.

I thought the look of the Klingons, as I said on Tumblr, was very bizarre. As Kris and M pointed out to me they looked a little like the Klingons from Into Darkness, but to me they didn’t even look like that very much. At least with those AOS Klingons, I could still tell they were Klingons. These ones looked like a different race to me. Very odd. And not at all effective in my opinion.

Since a “ready room” was a  Next Generation invention, I found it interesting that a ship that was ten years earlier than the Enterprise with Kirk and Spock had a “ready room”.

We shall see. The first season is 15 episodes as I understand it. So much could change in the amount that remains. I am definitely keeping an open mind and I absolutely did not hate it. I did find myself entertained, I just want to point out what, for me, were issues.

And no I don’t find myself inspired to post any fan fiction on the show! LOL

Speaking of, I will shortly be posting the next chapter of Anything.  I also have a chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All done so I will get that posted this week also. My intention this week is to focus on Where My Demons Hide with a possible new chapter of Primal Lust making its way to be updated as well.

I was invited to go away this coming weekend from Sunday-Tuesday. So far I have said no but I could change my mind. I do have Monday October 02 off because I just wanted a mental health day. I would only need to take Tuesday off as well. It wouldn’t be with M but other family.