My prompt this week was a tribble and a romantic dinner. Somehow I don’t think this is what Kris had in mind but…

Leonard tossed the tribble into Jim’s lap. Gently, of course, so as not to jar Jim or the tribble.

“So, this is the little guy who saved my life, huh?” Jim picked up the purring tribble and brought it close to his face as he adjusted himself slightly in the hospital bed.

“Indirectly yes,” Leonard agreed. “When I saw him, her, it, whatever, come back to life, I knew what to do.”

Jim eyed it somewhat warily. “Do they bite?”

“Not unless you pester them.”

“And how do you do that?”

Leonard shrugged. “Damned if I know.”

The hospital room door opened and Spock pushed a cart into the room. Leonard noticed Jim brightened instantly and also completely forgot about the tribble, which he discarded on the bed. Leonard scooped it up and set it aside.

“What’s this?” Jim asked.

“Doctor McCoy advised that you were well enough to have real food, as opposed to the hospital food you have been complaining about, so I have brought your dinner.”

“Yeah?” Jim’s smile lit up the whole room and Leonard was glad to see it. He’d been concerned for his friend’s mental state ever since waking up from his coma. But things had been looking up lately and Spock’s constant vigil certainly seemed to help.

“Indeed.” Spock popped off a silver domed lid off one plate. He brought it over to the tray for Jim’s bed.

Jim’s eyes widened. “Is that a steak?”


“And a baked potato?”

“With everything,” Spock replied. “There is also broccoli, in deference to the doctor.”

“That’s something anyway,” Leonard said dryly.

“And cheesecake for desert. I tried to arrange for an alcoholic beverage but the doctor vetoed that.”

Jim glanced at Bones but he smiled.

Spock next put a little vase with a flower on the tray. A very nice touch, Leonard thought. And if anything Jim brightened more, almost glowing.

Spock’s communicator beeped and with a crisp nod he stepped to the side of the room and spoke in a low voice.

“This looks and smells fantastic,” Jim crowed as he picked up his utensils.

Spock returned. “I apologize, Captain. But I must take my leave.”

“Ship’s business?”

Spock shook his head. “Negative. That was Nyota. She has arranged for us to have dinner at Taix.”

Leonard whistled. “Fancy and romantic.”

“Our reservation requires my departure.”

“Oh.” Jim nodded. The bright, cheerfulness was gone. He smiled, but it was different. “Give my best to Uhura.”

“I shall, Captain, and she advised me to give you her well wishes. She will stop by to visit tomorrow.”

“Good. Thanks. You know for dinner.”

“You are welcome.”

And then he was gone.

Leonard could see Jim’s enthusiasm for the meal had diminished by quite a bit. He was now sort of poking at the steak but not even cutting off a bite.

“Not hungry?” he asked gently.

“No, I…I’m fine.” Jim smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He cut off a bite of steak and popped it into his mouth. “Really good.”

And he ate the dinner, every bite, though Leonard knew he would. Jim didn’t generally leave anything left on his plate, because of…well…reasons, as he told Leonard.

“Now, I’m totally stuffed. You should have had some.”

“Spock got it for you.”

Jim didn’t reply to that. And instead said, “When can I get out of here?”

Leonard sat on the edge of his bed. “Well, now, maybe soon. What do you say we someone to clean this up and play some cards?”

“Sure, Bones. That sounds good.”