Had a pretty nice weekend. The Muppets at the Bowl were fun. Saw a few celebrities including Ty Burrell from Modern Family and composer Paul Williams. He wrote The Rainbow Connection for Muppets (as well as the music for the Muppet’s Christmas Carol) as well as several very well known songs like the Carpenters’ We’ve Only Just Begun.

And then Sunday we met a friend for brunch. Ate way too much. But it was nice.

I did manage to get the conclusion of First Impressions done despite my vow to take a break. Thanks for checking it out as I know most of you did.

I don’t have any idea what I will work on this week as far as writing goes. I need to get a new chapter of What Happened to Spock done but I am stuck on it. It’s one of those works I wish I had never started because I have written myself into a bit of a corner. I tried to write on something today but without any success I guess. I thought it was pretty good, but apparently it was not, so I am feeling very low.

So, I just don’t know. I ended up reading at lunch instead.

Sixteen years ago, of course, our country changed. I remember spending days on end crying after that day. Hearing all the stories about the people who died. And watching all the news coverage. For those of us that experienced it as adults it’s not something we can ever forget.